Turn Up the Volume

Over the last few months, I’ve become… fond of podcasts. A more extreme word might be “addicted”. Like my addiction to TV, I’m constantly looking for more podcasts to explore and enjoy and I’d like to share this new found love with…you.

This is for your ears only.


The Bright Sessions: Dr. Bright secretly records therapy sessions with her strange and unique patients.  Those of whom include an empath, a telepath and a time traveler.

The Black Tapes: A serialized docu-drama following journalist Alex Reagan’s “enigmatic subject”, Dr. Richard Strand, and his “mysterious past”, which leads her deep into the world of the paranormal.

Limetown: “What happened to the people of Limetown?” Limetown is a 7-part documentary series investigating the mysterious disappearance of an entire small town, seemingly overnight.

Welcome to Night Vale: Community updates from the small desert town of Night Vale. Welcome to Night Vale features weather, news, and announcements from the Sheriff’s Secret Police. Those of which include strange lights in the night sky and mysterious dark hooded figures.

Homecoming: A psychological thriller straight from Gimlet Media, focuses on the Homecoming Initiative, a program that seeks to help soldiers returning from war, reintegrate in everyday life.

Alice Isn’t Dead: From the Team behind Welcome to Night Vale, Alice Isn’t Dead follows one truck driver’s journey across the country in search of her missing wife. What she encounters is anything but normal.

Within the Wires: From the creators of Welcome to Night Vale and Alice Isn’t Dead,  Within the Wires is an audio course on relaxation.

Tanis: From the creators at “Pacific North West Stories” and The Black Tapes, Tanis seeks to answer one simple question, “What is Tanis?” The answer may be far more complicated than it seems.

The Message: The Message follows the journey to decode a 70-year-old message from outer space.

Archive 81: Archivist Dan Powell has disappeared. Archive 81 delves into the last remaining relics of his mysterious project.

ars Paradoxica: “At the dawn of the Cold War, the accidental inventor of time-travel finds herself ganged into service by a secretive branch of the US Government”.

The Bridge: In an alternate present, Watchtower 10 sits in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, keeping lonely watch over the Transcontinental Bridge. The Bridge will help you discover the monsters we fear, the monsters we can become, and the stories we leave behind.

Darkest Night: Welcome to Project Cyclops.

Death, Dying, and Other Things: Stories meant to scare, spook, and unsettle. A member of the Phantom Podcast Network.

The Far Meridian: The story of Peri, an agoraphobic young woman, whose home starts to show up in a new location every day, spurring on a search for her missing brother.


Hello from the Magic Tavern: Arnie Neikamp has fallen through a dimensional portal behind a Burger King in Chicago. He broadcasts weekly from the Tavern, the Vermilion Minotaur, in the town of Hogsface, in the magical land of Foon. He’s joined every week by his “boon” companions Chunt, the shapeshifting badger, and Usidor the Wizard.


How Did This Get Made: “Have you ever seen a movie that’s so bad that it’s amazing?” Paul Sheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas discuss terrible movies and how they even managed to get made.

Gilmore Guys: Two guys: one a lifelong fan, the other watching for the first time, delve into the coffee riddled minds of the beloved show Gilmore Girls, episode by episode.  To say the least, they talk really fast.

/Filmcast: A movie podcast for the masses.

I Was There Too: Hosted by Matt Gourley, I Was There Too is a fly-on-the-wall perspective into cinema and television history that you’ve never heard.


The Love Bomb with Nico Tortorella: Actor Nico Tortorella explores love and the labels associated with it.

Anna Faris is Unqualified: Not-so-great relationship advice from completely unqualified hollywood types.

36 Questions – The Podcast Musical: A 3-part podcast musical starring Jonathan Groff & Jessie Shelton about a couple attempting to bring their marriage back from the brink of divorce using 36 revealing questions designed to make strangers fall in love.


Pop Culture Happy Hour: Straight from National Public Radio, Pop Culture Happy Hour is a discussion about books, tv, music, movies and comics.

Call Your Girlfriend: A podcast for long distance besties everywhere.

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text: “Join Vanessa Zoltan and Casper ter Kuile as they bring thought, reflection and laughter to Harry Potter; not just as novels, but as instructive and inspirational texts that will teach us about our own lives. Relive the magic chapter by chapter as they explore themes such as ‘commitment, ‘revenge’ and ‘forgiveness’”

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness: Of Queer Eye fame, 1/5 of the Fab5 explores all of the things that make him curious.


The Writers Panel: Straight from Nerdist Industries, The Writers Panel discusses all things writing, from the mouths of professional writers.

Black List Table Reads: Table reads of the best screenplays that Hollywood hasn’t made yet.

Dead Pilots Society: Table reads of scripts developed by studios and networks but were never produced.


Fictional: From the creators of Myths and Legends, comes an altogether same-but-different podcast set in the world of classic lit. These are the stories of Dracula, The Time Machine, and The Three Musketeers.


Lore: Dark historical tales that fuel our modern superstitions, hosted by Aaron Mahnke

Myths & Legends: Host Jason Weiser tells stories from myths, legends and folklore that have shaped cultures throughout history. Includes stories of King Arthur, Thor: The God of Thunder, and the Vikings.


My Favorite Murder: From Fiercely Independent Podcasts,  hosts Karen Kilgriff and Georgia Hardstark tap into their lifelong obsession with True Crime to discuss their favorite murders (that they have not committed).

Serial: From the creators of This America Life, host Sarah Koenig tells one true story over the course of a single season.

Hollywood & Crime: A serialized docu-drama hosted by Tracy Pattin, investigates sensational murder cases, uncovers new evidence, and immerses listeners in both the glamour and the seedy underbelly of 20th century Hollywood.

Crimetown: Every season, co-hosts Zac Stuart-Pontier & Marc Smerling, investigate the culture of crime in a different American City. Straight from Gimlet Media.

Conspiracy Theories: From the Parcast Network comes the complicated stories behind the world’s most controversial events and possible cover-ups.

Criminal: “A podcast about crime. Stories of people who’ve done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle.”

Cults: From the Parcast Network comes stories about mystery, manipulation and murder. Greg Polcyn and Vanessa Richardson explore the history and psychology behind the world’s most notorious cults.

Female Criminals: From the Parcast Network comes “a true crime podcast where women aren’t just the victims.” Vanessa Richardson (Cults) and Clair Dellamar examine the psychology, motivations, and atrocities of female felons.

Serial Killers: From the Parcast Network, hosts Greg Polycn (Cults) and Vanessa Richardson (Cults & Female Criminals) use a “psychological and entertaining approach to provide a rare glimpse into the mind, methods and madness of the most notorious serial killers with the hopes of better understanding their psychological profile”.

Someone Knows Something: Host David Ridgen joins victims’ family members as they investigate cold cases, track down leads, speak to suspects, and search for answers. From Stitcher.


Pod Save America: Four former aides to President Obama – Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor – are joined by journalists, politicians, comedians, and activists for a freewheeling conversation about politics, the press and the challenges posed by the Trump Administration. From Crooked Media. 

Pod Save the World: cohost of Pod Save America and former White House Aid, Tommy Veitor brings you behind the scenes into White House Situation Room meetings and secret negotiations through a series of conversations with people who were there.

Lovett or Leave It: Jon Lovett, cohost of Pod Save America, “sits down with comedians, actors, journalists, and some of the many, many famous Friends of the Pod to discuss the week’s biggest news and deal with whatever bullshit came flying over the transom in our broken, insane political nightmare factory. ” From Crooked Media. 


Sleep With Me: Having trouble sleeping? Sleep with Me is perfect for distracting your mind from the many things keeping you awake. It’s the “Groundbreaking Podcast that uses boredom superpowers to help you fall asleep”.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking: “You know how every day someone asks “how are you?” And even if you’re totally dying inside, you just say “fine,” so everyone can go about their day? This show is the opposite of that. Hosted by author (It’s Okay to Laugh (Crying Is Cool Too)) and notable widow (her words) Nora McInerny, this is a funny/sad/uncomfortable podcast about talking honestly about our pain, our awkwardness, and our humanness, which is not an actual word.”


99% Invisible: A podcast “about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about – the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world”.

Stuff You Should Know: Hosted by How Stuff Works writers Charles (Chuck) Bryant and Josh Clark, comes a podcast used to educate the public about common things and how they work.

Lexicon Valley: Host John McWhorter discusses the near-futile impulse to determine what is, and what is not, a word.