Tunnel Vision

There are times in my life when things get especially hard, when the weight of the world crushes down on my shoulders, back and chest. When it gets hard to swallow and the tears threaten to break forth. When the world outside is cold and unforgiving. Now, feels like one of those times. It’s a time when I can no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel. When the tunnel is just a tunnel and the tunnel is never ending.

But, I find that surrounding myself with things that bring their own light to my life, then I at least have a flashlight to guide me within the tunnel. One that shines on the dark spaces and reveals them for what they really are. Simply cracked, grey concrete.

The idea to break through with force and with rage is appealing. But it’s not the only way. I’ve found that if I keep enough battery in the flashlight, if I keep feeding it with the little things that I love, I will eventually find my way out of this tunnel and into the sunshine. To feel the wind on my face or the spray of the sea.

Because I know it’s waiting for me to reach it and to tell me that this, too, shall pass, eventually. So I’m taking the steps to get there, one at a time, flashlight in hand.


Song Birds

I’ve discovered a song

A song that can lead us

From out of the darkness

When the pain tries to consume us

I’ve discovered a song

About bright lights

And halos

Of song birds

And transcendence

Of a world outside

Where you no longer hide

I’ve discovered a song

That can stop the bleeding

and get the heart pumping

To get our muscles moving

And stop our smiles receding

I’ve discovered a song

That can open our eyes

to all that’s before us

One that won’t let us

Lose the fight