Never Gonna Give You Up

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Satisfaction of a List.”

In case anyone was unaware, I watch a lot of television. In this television year alone– Summer ’14 through Summer ’15–I watched/am watching around 40 television shows. That’s not even an exaggeration. Want proof?

In order to keep track of all of these shows and what days they air, I’m constantly making lists with the hope that my brain won’t implode from all the different plots and character arcs.

So here’s just a bunch of lists in regards to the television that is so dear to my heart.

5 shows that have utterly rearranged me:

  1. Hannibal
  2. Orphan Black
  3. Peaky Blinders
  4. The Walking Dead
  5. The Flash

4 Shows whose past seasons have made me say: “Over It”:

  1. Scandal
  2. Pretty Little Liars
  3. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
  4. The Mindy Project

3 Summer shows that make me jump up and down in anticipation for:

  1. Hannibal
  2. Teen Wolf
  3. Halt & Catch Fire

2 shows that piss me off (and not in a good way):

  1. Pretty Little Liars
  2. Scandal

1 show that keeps me going when the days are most dark:

  1. Parks and Recreation

What Television Has Taught Me

In honor of the summer season coming to a much-needed and morosely sweaty close, and the fall line-up being almost within my shaking grasp, I’ve decided to jot down all of the things that I’ve learned so far on my journey through the boob tube, the idiot box, the small screen.

For those that don’t know, television is my 2nd love. My first love being something that often gets neglected and tossed to the side and sullenly thought about days later with head shaking and tiny amounts of regret. However, my love affair with television is one like no other. We’re there for each other when no one else is. (Except in my current case where I don’t actually have a television or cable, we often partake in a menage a trois with something I like to call the internet) Television and I understand each other. We cry together, we laugh together, we grieve together. We even throw flabbergasted tantrums together and judge each other for using a word like flabbergasted in normal conversation.

Now don’t get me wrong, I partake in the outside world. I really do. Especially now that I’m in the beautiful Manhattan and trying to “make it”. But there are times when I just need a little down time and just need a moment to sit back, relax and as they say it: “Enjoy the show”.

So here’s my list of things I’ve learned from the multitude of television that I watch as I prepare my mind (and my computer) for the long haul that is the fall line-up.

*This list does not include any shows about to enter their freshman season or summer shows that are still airing. Those will be saved for another post entirely because, of course, I only love to add to the madness*

Dallas (Mid-season 3 premiere August 18th): At the end of the day, family will always be there for you…with a sharpened knife aimed right at your back.

Doctor Who (season 8 premiere August 23rd): Fish fingers and custard are delicious. No joke.

Sons of Anarchy (7th and final season premiere September 9th): Make sure to always let the water out of the sink. Do not under any circumstances leave water in the sink. You have been warned.

Haven (season 5 premiere September 11th): Never trust a shabby barn. Or people who drastically change their hair and personality.

The Mindy Project (season 3 premiere September 16th): There’s a three strikes policy for falling in the fountain at Lincoln Center.

Sleepy Hollow (season 2 premiere September 22nd): Just because your child turns out to be evil doesn’t mean you’ve failed as a parent.

Awkward (Mid-season 3 premiere September 23? I found this somewhere once but now I can’t find it again, so don’t take my word for it. I could be a total liar): On that note, watch out for compulsive liars. You might become the victim of a baby trap.

Chicago Fire (season 3 premiere September 23rd): Chicago is home to all the firefighters who are hotter than the fires they fight.

Chicago P.D. (season 2 premiere September 24th): All the hot men and women live and serve in Chicago. Maybe I should move back to the Midwest…

Scandal (season 4 premiere September 25th): Everyone has secrets. Our parents may be keeping the biggest ones of all.

Once Upon A Time (season 4 premiere September 28th): Regina Mills is flawless. She has two trendy purses and a super hot, arrow slinging boyfriend. I hear her tiara is ensured for $10,000. I hear she does carriage commercials in Wonderland. Her favorite pastime is casting curses. One time she met The Brother’s Grimm in the Enchanted Forest and they told her she was pretty. One time she punched The Savior in the face. It was awesome.

The Vampire Diaries (season 6 premiere October 2nd): After 5 human years, 35 dog years, 2 high school grades, one freshman year of college, and more time spent in graveyards than classrooms, Bonnie Bennett is still useless as ever.

The Originals (season 2 premiere October 6th): Having an overprotective sibling isn’t always a good thing. Especially when they try and kill you and your immortal boyfriend.

Supernatural (season 10 premiere October 7th): If there’s a key, then there must be a lock.

Arrow (season 3 premiere October 8th): Sometimes the person we’d take an arrow for is behind the bow string.

The Walking Dead (season 5 premiere October 12th): Humanity is just as diseased and rotten as ever. And I’m not talking about the dead.

Parks and Recreation (7th and final season premiere date yet to be announced): When a glorious mustached man asks for all the bacon and eggs you have, you give him all the bacon and eggs you have.

Glee (6th and final season premiere date yet to be announced): Maybe there won’t be marriage, maybe there won’t be sex. But by God, there will be dancing and probably singing. But mostly singing.

Hannibal (season 3 premiere yet to be announced): Life’s tough. Sometimes it can even feel like a blood bath. Like your throats been cut open, your guts are pouring out and you’ve just been pushing through a 3 story window. Might need more than a helmet to combat this one.

*Feel free to rant, ramble and rage about anything and everything far between. I know I do. I would love to hear your thoughts, passions, OTP’s, BROTP’s and outright character hatred. It’s always welcome.*

There are also a number of things that I’ve learned from the movies. That of which you can find right here.


Television is Making me Crazy

My mom constantly tells me that I watch too much television. This 23 year old disagrees, of course. Too much tv is not a thing. Not enough tv is not a thing either. Tv is just tv. It’s there to entertain us and entertain us it does. It also becomes incredibly irksome at times and it makes me want to throw things at walls or crawl into a corner and cry.

But I know for a fact that I do watch A LOT of tv. Not too much but A LOT. And so of course I always have plenty of things to say about the shows that I watch but I don’t always have someone to talk to about it. Not everyone I know watches the same things I do. My mother obviously doesn’t otherwise she wouldn’t think I spent too much time in front of a big screen. She does, however, watch some of the same things that I do (and that’s usually because I inadvertently get her sucked in to a show, like I happened to do last night) and it’s always nice to chat with her about it.

But since I don’t have people around who watch everything I do, I’m just gonna chat about the current state of all my shows on my own. But be forewarned. I tend to drop a lot of swears when I am passionate or extremely irked about something, so please don’t be offended by multiple versions of the word “fuck”,”shit”. Those words are sometimes the only thing that will help get my true feelings across. They’re very powerful words. Seriously, the F word is my absolute favorite swear word.

Okay here we go. I’m going to mention the shows that are currently airing as of this moment or are on their midseason breaks or have just recently finished their seasons. I’m also going to go through the days of the week that these shows air so it’s easier to keep track of. This could get pretty long (I’m serious when I say I watch a lot of tv).


  1. Once Upon a Time: I loved season 1 because I loved finding out who all of the people in Storybrook actually were in Fairytale land. However, I kind of hated season 2. I found it to be slightly boring. It just wasn’t as fun when everybody knew that they were fairytale characters and there just wasn’t that much mystery anymore. But I didn’t give up on the huge potential for greatness that this show has and I’m really glad I didn’t. Season 3 is kicking some serious ass. I had a total blast with the first half of season 3 and the entire Find-Henry-In-Neverland-And-Destroy-Peter-Pan plot. It was brilliant and perfect. I’m super excited for what the 2nd half of the season brings. 7/10
  2. The Walking Dead: This show is fucking amazing. It really is and I’m sure that you can tell by my side image on my little blurb that I am forever a fan of this show. It keeps getting better and better. There were a few times where things seemed to drag in the show. When the characters had found a safe place and they were just living life. It honestly wasn’t all that entertaining in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. But then there will be moments when the rug is pulled out from under you and shit hits the fan. Those moments are completely and totally worth it. I always tell myself that if Daryl Dixon gets killed off I will not only riot but I will stop watching the show. He is my favorite character but even if he does die (which I am crossing my shaking fingers that he doesn’t) I don’t even think that mourning his death will be able to stop me from watching this fantastic show. My only wish is for Rick to trim that beard. Seriously, dude. I know the world has ended but that doesn’t mean you have to be lax about personal hygiene. 8/10
  3. Sherlock: I have two things to say about Sherlock. Benedict Cumberbatch. That is all. That is why I watch the show and it really helps that the writing is fantastic and all of the other actors are fantastic and it’s just fantastic. Okay, that was more than two words but seriously, this show is fantastic. I can’t wait for series 4. 8/10
  4. Downton Abbey: This show is always entertaining. I never thought I would love a show about a rich british family so much. There is so much drama and so much wit that you can’t help but wish to dress up like them and sit at their table for dinner. 9/10


  1. Teen Wolf: This show is fucking brilliant (and every single person is gorgeous). Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know what they’re missing. The writing is witty, intricate and delves into ancient mythologies that I have never heard of before. Plus, the acting is spot on. Dylan O’Brien deserves every award there has ever been awarded to a television actor and then deserves ones to be made up just so he can win them. I am not even exaggerating. Every character introduced to this show is worth your time. You can’t always say that about shows but you can for this one. Even if they’re on just one episode or die after a few episodes, they are there for a reason and they kick some major ass. This show (and especially this 3rd season) is perfect and I will never stop loving it. (However, loving this show will not make me like the Michael J. Fox movie. That movie is just ridiculous. Who wants to play basketball with a teen Wolf? Not me. I’d rather play La Crosse with one) 10/10
  2. Sleepy Hollow: This was a new show that started last fall and I am really glad I gave it a chance. It’s really interesting and mysterious and had so much more going for it then I thought it would. I was pleasantly surprised by this show and I can’t wait for it to come back. Also, I always love having a new SHIP to get on board with. 9/10
  3. The Fosters: Before I watch a new episode of this show I end up asking myself “why I’m watching this”? But then I watch the episode and am reminded why. It’s different. Number one, that’s what it has going for it. And I don’t just mean the fact that it’s main adult couple are lesbians, who also happen to be an interracial couple. True, you hardly see that on tv (and I’m super glad that a different family unit is being represented) but that isn’t the only thing that this show is about. It shows foster kids. That’s something that we don’t usually get insight into. Sure, we hear how bad the Foster System is but we don’t always get to see how great it can be when these kids find the right home. That’s what keeps me watching. 8/10


  1. The Mindy Project: The best fucking show ever. My god. Mindy Kaling is my hero (along with Fey and Poehler) who know show to get it done. This show is wicked funny and simply fantastic. I love seeing a show about a successful womon of color whose only problem in life is her love life. She has a great apartment, a great job, great friends and coworkers, she knows who she is and only rides the struggle bus when it comes to managing the men in her life (that’s what I want my life to be like). It’s brilliant and I want it to last forever. 10/10
  2. Chicago Fire: One word: Brilliant. You get plenty of shows about the law enforcement sector of cities but you don’t usually get an insight into those fighting fires. I’ve learned so much about being a fire fighter from this show and just how insane this job is. I wouldn’t want to do it myself but I applaud those that do. We owe them so much. And Tyler Lockwood’s deceased uncle and Lady Gaga’s current boyfriend is so gorgeous on that show and in general. 9/10
  3. The Originals: I knew this show would be brilliant and I was not wrong (and that’s not always the reaction you get from the prospect of a spin-off). It’s even better than I could have dreamed it would be. I mean, an entire show dedicated the oldest and, not to mention, hottest vampires in history? What’s not to love? Well, that stupid witch Sophie for one. She should just go die. I hate her with a fiery passion. I even hate her more than I hate Bonnie on The Vampire Diaries. And that’s really saying something. Maybe I just dislike witches who didn’t receive their education at Hogwarts. I guess I’m just biased. I’m just really glad it got picked up for a 2nd season. 7/10
  4. Supernatural: This show never ceases to amaze and entertain me. The Three Musketeers that are Sam, Dean and Cas will always be my favorite threesome. That is all. This show is fantastic and great and I am beyond excited that it got renewed for a 10th season. It is well deserving. (Destiel lives) I’m not sure how I feel about the prospect of spin-off from this show but the good news is is that no one from the main show will be going over there and subsequently ruining everyone’s lives (and not in a good way) 8/10
  5. Awkard: Whoever does the writing for this show deserves an award or at least more recognition. This is one of those shows that seems to be under the radar and it really shouldn’t be. It should be all over that radar. There is so much high school drama but it’s the perfect amount that it doesn’t seem unrealistic and it is wicked funny. I love all of those characters even with they’re being huge bitches or seem bat-shit crazy. . It just makes everything so much more entertaining. 8/10
  6. Pretty Little Liars: Don’t get me wrong, I love this show to pieces. But it’s beginning to feel really dragged out (and it’s doesn’t seem to be a great as it used to be). I mean, I just really need to know if Ezra is really A and then I can continue to live my life. If he’s A, I have no idea what I’m going to do but at least I’ll know where to go from here. I just really want to know if he tried to kill Alison and is therefore a sexy murderer or just a hot guy with a thing for underage girls. I just need to know!!! 7/10
  7. Ravenswood: Complete and utter shit. Seriously, this is the shittiest show I’ve watched in a long time. I didn’t care about anyone on that show, even Caleb. But that was because he was only great when he was in Rosewood with Hanna which is exactly where he needs to go. He needs to get his shit together and get back to Rosewood. Same with the actor who plays him. He had a great gig going on PLL and he gave it up to be on this shitty spin-off. Get your shit together Tyler Blackburn! 2/10
  8. Twisted: I’m still giving this show a chance. It’s interesting and I like the characters. The plot is kind of interesting, I guess. But now that we know the real truth about what happened with Danny and his aunt and the whole Regina Crane murder things aren’t nearly as mysterious. But I’m going to keep watching it with the hopes that things will get better and that Rico will get some much deserved action. 7/10


  1. Chicago PD: Now this is one spin-off that deserves your attention. Seriously, it is amazing. Just simply amazing and everyone is sexy as hell so that’s always a plus. There’s action, there’s sexual tension, there’s just tension. It’s perfect. Still deciding if I like it better than Chicago Fire or not. 9/10
  2. Arrow: I just started watching this show yesterday and boy, have I been missing out. It is really really entertaining and I can’t wait to binge watch the rest of the season on Netflix and then stress over how I’m going to watch the current season. 9/10


  1. Parks and Recreation: Such an amazing show. So beyond amazing. I want Leslie Knope to be my best friend so I can spend time with her and have her call my a precious naive baby bird and then introduce me to everyone at the Parks & Rec department. That cast are all gods in my book. Every single one of them is perfect and amazing and wonderful and everything in between. 10/10
  2. Glee: There are a few things I have to say about Glee. This is one of my favorite shows. It deals with so much and it does it with song. I love that. But, I think it’s time to call it quits. The shows just isn’t what it used to be. Once everyone graduated it just became too much to handle and it just wasn’t the same. I love everyone on the show (especially Klaine, they will forever be my OTP) and I will continue to watch it until the end but I think it’s time is up. Especially now that the rest of the gang will be graduating. It’s just….I am, however, super pumped for the 100th episode and can’t wait to see the old cast members come back. 7/10
  3. The Vampire Diaries: This show really knows how to push it’s limits and it does so in a way that is entertaining and wonderful and sexy. But it also tends to go back to the same themes that originally drove the show, which is fine, but it’s not really the same show anymore. Too many things have changed for characters to go back to how they used to be. Especially Damon. I’m actually really sick of him retreating into his bad vamp ways every time something happens with Elena that he doesn’t like. It’s really annoying and he needs to find a better outlet for his pain. It’s obviously not working for him. I used to really want Stelena to be resurrected but it really no longer seems plausible. I kinda just want Stefan and Caroline to get it on and then I can be happy. Also, have Bonnie go on a long vacation somewhere. Get that witch out of here. 7/10
  4. White Collar: Matt Bomer’s face is the reason I started watching this show and the plot and character development has kept me watching. There are so many twists and turns and so many cons that it’s sometimes hard to keep up. But it never gets boring. I love this show so much and it’s so intense that I never remember which season it’s currently on. Was this 5 or 6? I think it was 5….whatever. I’ll be watching the new season. 8/10


  1. Dracula: This is another new show that started in the fall and I was really excited about it when I saw the promos and things. The first few episodes were really good and I was entertained but I slowly started becoming less interested and found it to be slightly boring at times. Also I really really hated Jonathan Rhys Meyers switching between an American accent and a British accent on the show. It was annoying and his American accent is just really annoying. No honey. Just stop. Stick to what you know and that is your silky British accent you do so well even though you’re Irish. 6/10
  2. Haven: I’m going to mention this show only because I recently started binging on it and because the 3rd season finale was just this past December so it’s still relevant. I love this show. It’s so entertaining and strange that it’s hard not to love it. Plus Duke Crocker is the greatest person on the face of the earth and that character will keep me watching no matter how insane it gets. Also, I’m really excited that it got renewed for a 4th season. Wahooo! 8/10

So that’s my television gist of things right now and all of my feels about the current state that these shows are in.


Okay, bye.