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That Look on Your Face…


Do not


The inevitable


Do not



It makes

No Difference

To Fear the Reaper

When you


Are feeling misplaced

I do

Fear, however,

That inevitable day

When I no longer remember

That look

On your face


Poetic Bends

An Ode to Manhattan

We were walking together

Back on 23rd street

And I heard a man say

“I’m glad that he’s dead”

And I thought to myself

What an unfortunate sentiment

From a man who brags about death

And doesn’t even flinch

But speaks in one single breathe

We are alone together

Like the song says

Sitting, not speaking

With our laptops as friends

Watching and listening

To the voices on screen

Who spoke what we thought

But never even said

What was written on the page

From beginning to end

We played many games

Ones of cards and cups

Of Humanity and Kings

So we tore up the world

Like we tore up those pages

And tossed them to the floor

Spilling around us

In a rainbow of faces

You told me a story

Of your late night out

Near the shack with the shakes

And the weather worn benches

A tale of corpses and rat men

Of laughs and still beating hearts

I pictured the worst

As you smiled your best

I dreamed of a day

When we could all be great

But the hardest part is

Simply having to wait

Poetic Bends

I See You

I see you in the leftover space

In front of my eyes

And the film behind my lids

I see you in the mist

When my pupils expand

And the tears shed

I see you in the light

Spilling under the door

And the cracks in the walls

I see you in the stains

On my clothes

And in my heart

I see you in the corner

Of my eye

And the recesses of my mind

I see you in me

Daily Post Challenges

Days Pass By But the Heart Remains

It happened at a wedding. It felt old and brand new at the same time. We’d all known each other for most of our lives. But there’s just something about getting the chance to really get to know someone. Find out what’s deep down inside their soul. It’s about what they choose to let shine and what they keep in the dark. There were many laughs and many jokes that will forever only be between us. It was almost as if we were a family getting to know each again other after years of estrangement, but without anyone holding a grudge. When life gets in the way, it just gets in the way. But when life throws you a bone, you have to take it. Take and hold on to it. Bury it in the backyard with your other memories. Store them up until the next meeting. No matter how many days, or months or years pass in between. It wasn’t awkward or weird or tense. It was smooth and quiet and peaceful. Which quickly turned into loud and comforting. There were many hugs and good wishes. There were many promises made and emerged smiles. It was a bittersweet lullaby for the long days ahead. It was like coming home.

Inspired by The Daily Post


Daily Post Challenges · Poetic Bends

Shake it Up

You’re 12 years old. It’s your birthday. Write for ten minutes on that memory. GO.

It’s the year two thousand and three

and there’s nothing good on tv

I can’t help but wonder

If it’s because of the thunder

Or the ever falling powder

As my shouts get louder

There are people around

But my ear’s to the ground

Hoping and wishing

That I’m not just fishing

For clues as to when

The gift wrapping began

But I might just think

Are we all going to shrink

Year after year

Until I can have that beer

For all of our selves

Go from eleven to twelve


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