Poetic Bends · Thoughts of the Day

Shattered Glass

This shattered world is composed of a million shattered heartscracked-glass-texture-01

Our fragility is not to be taken lightly

Our fight is to be taken seriously

Like the fissured glass

Once broken, we are hard to put back together

Though we may come out different

It is not entirely impossible

Poetic Bends

The Light of Day

We bury ourselves in the light of day

Slowly shifting deeper than six feet under

When the falling night comes our way

The only sound of encroaching thunder

We bury ourselves nice and neat

And wait for the rain to render our defeat

Poetic Bends

A Hungry Heart & A Ravenous Soul

My heart is hungry

The lining stripped raw

It’s running on empty

Like all the old flaws

My soul is now ravenous

A malicious red demon

In a life that’s hap-hazardous

It screams out like a beacon

My heart is on fire

Smoke filled and bleeding

I stoke each burning ember

In search of some meaning

My soul is imploding

A slow, violent collapse

The inner lining eroding

The remains become scraps

I watch and wonder

The world spinning on time

As we all fall asunder

Is this just my design?