Patience listens up

When I’ve run out of words to say, sometimes all it takes is a little help from your friends. Please enjoy this collaboration with a fellow writer and a dear friend.

And please do yourself a favor by checking out his blog.

All this thunder

Hi All,

A fun change this month – a new look! Collaborator/longtime friend/cousin Katie Hands graciously shared her work for this post in addition to tips on site design. Katie is a wonderful writer, and hosts her own blog, here. Please take a look.

This month we focused in on the theme of Patience – one that both of us have been wrestling through lately. It’s a trying time. As we know. The search for patience can sometimes feel like a lost cause. However, time takes its time. Brighter days. The revolution must be joyous.


Days gone by
by Katie Hands

There are many things
I never told you
Because I didn’t take the time

The words spilled out
Inside my head
Drowning out the rest

Those words I spoke
But didn’t speak
Haunt me to this day

There are many things
I should have said
But couldn’t…

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This Evening

2024This night is one for the taking. It’s in rare form this evening. The light shines down on us and illuminates our faces. We search but the shadows are no where to be seen. They hide from us and our image of effervesence. We’ve split this night wide open. There is no room for the darkness so it slinks away in fear and cowers in the corners. The cracks are no longer closing. They’re opening up to us instead. We step through them now and emerge on the other side. I take with me my hopes and dreams and leave my sins behind. I watch you do the same and wonder what your past was like. We’ve never spoken of days gone by and instead just think of today. This evening is one for the storybooks. We’re coming together, you and I, and all I know is this evening.