Write No Matter What

Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.

Louis L’Amour

I haven’t written anything in a while because I haven’t had anything to write about. But that’s about to change. This year is for writing more and writing better. For writing honestly and openly.

For simply writing. I just have to start.

Old vintage typewriter, close-up.

Deep Breath

It’s been a trying few weeksYouth
Few months is more like it
I’ve come to the conclusion
That sometimes
We have to do the things
We don’t want to
That’s just the way it is
And it’s harder than it seems
I’d like to say
It would be easy
Not to do things
And sometimes it is
Sometimes it is
But right now
It’s not
It’s hard
And the days feel long
And the weeks are taxing
But the day eventually ends
And a new one starts
And one of these days
Will be the start
Of everything

Tunnel Vision

There are times in my life when things get especially hard, when the weight of the world crushes down on my shoulders, back and chest. When it gets hard to swallow and the tears threaten to break forth. When the world outside is cold and unforgiving. Now, feels like one of those times. It’s a time when I can no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel. When the tunnel is just a tunnel and the tunnel is never ending.

But, I find that surrounding myself with things that bring their own light to my life, then I at least have a flashlight to guide me within the tunnel. One that shines on the dark spaces and reveals them for what they really are. Simply cracked, grey concrete.

The idea to break through with force and with rage is appealing. But it’s not the only way. I’ve found that if I keep enough battery in the flashlight, if I keep feeding it with the little things that I love, I will eventually find my way out of this tunnel and into the sunshine. To feel the wind on my face or the spray of the sea.

Because I know it’s waiting for me to reach it and to tell me that this, too, shall pass, eventually. So I’m taking the steps to get there, one at a time, flashlight in hand.

After It All

Tonight, I’m opening the door

Climbing the stairs, step by step

Walking toward the unknown

The darkness waiting for the light

To switch on and open

Your eyes to everything

You’ve seen and have yet to see

After it all, there’s one thing left

It’s all that you’ll ever need




The Weight of Living

Unexpectedly, you lose your job. (Or a loved one. Or something or someone important to you.) What do you do next?

The weight of living is heavy and dense and sometimes overwhelming. Loss only adds to this weight, bringing down body, mind and soul and threatens to consume you. But these are the extra pounds that are necessary. Everything else can be added and taken away at will. Gotten rid of if it is no longer desired. Loss is never desired, wanted or hoped for. But it is there. If you can manage to carry the weight of loss on your shoulders and keep moving your feet, one step, one day at a time, you’ll learn. Learn how to carry the weight of everything else. And you’ll be stronger for it.


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