Shattered Glass

This shattered world is composed of a million shattered hearts

Our fragility is not to be taken lightly

Our fight is to be taken seriously

Like the fissured glass

Once broken, we are hard to put back together

Though we may come out different

It is not entirely impossible

Broken, We May Be

Come hell or high water, here, I know I’ll find you. Beside the rushing sea with your heart 575e8c404eaeea14cbc9b3482bffbd78strings commanding the rip tide. You’re coming through the long forgotten waves. An image of pallor and sadness silhouetted against the current. A darkness pressed between the raging blue and white. The waves crash around you threatening to break and bend. In an instant you could be swallowed whole, never to be heard from again. But like the waves you’re strong and fierce. I can see you just as you see me. Always falling back together, though broken, we may be.