Clueing for Looks, My Dear Watson

Life just isn’t the same without your trusty sidekick. For this week’s writing challenge, tell us about your partner in crime.

Over the years, I’ve share many escapades with multiple people, who, at the time, I called “Best Friend”. There was Nicole, whom I have known since the ripe age of three and was there for the Great Mud Puddle Fiasco of 95′ and the unfortunate Shaky Tree Limb Incident of 97′. No lives were lost in those days, but I learned the hard reality of what it meant to lose visitation rights and the true meaning of “I’m sorry”. There was Hayly, who I met in Kindergarten and had spent most of my adolescence jumping on beds with, lip synching to Backstreet Boys and calling each others places of residence, “Home”. After all, those who defeat the Dollhouse Hoggers during the Siege of the Great Doll’s House of 96′ together, stay together. There was Stacey, who, in grade 4, taught me a great lesson. Your enemies are not your friends, but some friends can easily become your enemies and the green monster is not something to be taken lightly. Then came middle school and puberty struck all around me. There wasn’t a safe zone in sight and there was the constant threat of not just enemy fire but also friendly fire. 7th grade brought to me a person who changed many things for me. She wore the tag of “Best Friend” through the rest of Middle School and through the first 2 years of high school. I look back on those years, not with the fondness that I used to inhabit, but with a better understanding of the confusion and unhappiness I felt in the back of my mind. However, it was during that jaded time in my life when I met the people who have proudly waved the flag of “Friend” and I will continue to wave it right back.

Over the years and through many teen movies, I’ve learned that it’s okay to have more than one best friend. And that I am proud to say I have. The group of people I surround myself with have helped me to grow, to laugh, to dream and to encourage myself. They support my crazed addictions for tv and for Tom Hiddleston. They help empty my pockets by going to any movie, any time. They endure my ranting and raving about books and tv characters and my constant inability to stop myself from using obscure pop culture references. Whether I have known them since 3rd grade, since high school, college or the crazy years after, I am and will continue to pride myself on the luck I had in finding them.

But even within this wonderfully silly group of people, there are two that will always stand out.

To Mai. There is no one like you on this earth. At 4 feet, 11 inches, you are a ball of thunder, laughter and spirit. Your smile and silly jokes always brighten my day. I can always count on you to be there for me whenever I need you and you can always count on me in the same capacity. I miss our late night Walgreen’s Adventures and midnight chats. Our State Street days and late night dinners at that place called Fat Sandwich where we dreamed about something called The Big Fat Ugly, and feeling as though our hearts would explode and our arteries would clot if we took even a single bite. I know you’re far away and I know we don’t talk as often as we used to. But you will and continue to be a Forever Friend.

To Liz. It was band class that brought us together. Those woodwind instruments and marching on the field at halftime. We had a bit of a shaky start. As I recall there were many mentions of falling in ditches and the tossing of snarky comments. But those things we got past. We became the kind of people who can sit together and not say anything and know that we’re thinking the same thing. Like how glorious the mane of Sam Winchester is or how incredibly brilliant J.K. Rowling is and continues to be. We’re far away from each other now but we are always close at heart. Whether we are 500 miles away or 5 minutes, I am truly glad to call you “Best Friend”.

Friendship is a funny thing. If it can endure the test of time and a road less traveled, it can survive anything.

Push Through Me

Stepping onto that ship, I had thought I had never seen anything so grand. The large sails blowing in the wind so fiercely that I imagined their deepest desires to reside on the other side of the vast and seemingly unending ocean. Stepping off the ship, however, I was entirely mistaken. The image in front of me was nothing my wildest dreams could have even fathomed. They called it “The New World” and I could see why. I had never seen so much green space. I had never seen so many towering trees, the tops of which were entirely engulfed by the open sky. Home was nothing like this. The only things that towered above me were made of steel, those of which felt cold and unyielding. This, however. This was incredible. The trees swayed in the breeze. The sounds around me weren’t the constant chatter of people rushing through life, but the calm and still pleasures that life continued to offer. I could see everything. I could feel everything. Every rustle of grass, every spray of the sea; the invisible, yet powerful, force of the wind.

For the moment, the voices had ceased to exist. They no longer screamed about what I was only leaving behind or what exactly I was running towards. This was different. This was what I had never even known I was waiting for. I could see it. This world would not end in oblivion as the other one imploded. Here, I refuse to be forgotten.

Inspired by The Daily Post


Things Movies Have Taught Me

I stole this from my old blog, I’m Not Trying to Impress You, But I’m Batman, that I kept during college. I’ve watched plenty more movies since then and so I have, of course, learned plenty more life lessons, amongst other things.

Things Movies Have Taught Me: An Updated List Inspired by The Daily Post

17 Again: Good things comes to those who have the body of Zac Efron and the humor of Matthew Perry

American Hustle: Bradley Cooper can pull off anything. Even curlers.

The Avengers: Even the big hulking green guy isn’t worthy of Thor’s hammer

Being John Malkovich: If you find a tiny door in your office, just go through it. Unknowable adventure is waiting

Bridesmaids: Plane rides are so much more fun when someone is drunk

The Bourne Identity: You can stab someone with a pen with much effectiveness

The Bourne Supremacy: Don’t try and hide in India, they will find you and they will kill your significant other.

The Bourne Ultimatum: You can kill an assassin with a book.

Captain America: The First Avenger: Cut off one head of a hydra, 2 more will grow in its place

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: The one, the only Sebastian Stan. Need I say more?

A Cinderella Story: Your secret admirer will never be an axe murderer but a hot guy from your high school.

The Dark Knight: Clowns aren’t scary but instead are severely bad-ass.

The Dark Knight Rises: No matter your age or sex,  gender, we would like to know what it’s like to wear that cat suit.

27 Dresses: If someone annoys you enough you will end up happily married to them

Driving Lessons: Crazy old ladies make the best of friends

Eagle Eye: Never trust computers that can think for themselves

Elizabethtown: You can peak on the phone

Enchanted: If you’re an animated character you will end up a real person smack dab in the middle of New York.

The Fall: There comes a moment when we will all most certainly fall. We just have to learn how to get back up (My 2nd all time favorite movie)

Frozen: Just let it go. Don’t hold it back anymore.

The Grand Budapest Hotel: The best stories are stories within stories and your occasional murder mystery

Hairspray: You can always take down the jealous bitch lady and steal her stuck-up daughter’s boyfriend.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: If you’re a wizard you will be informed of this by a giant with an umbrella

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: You can kill a giant snake with a glittering sword

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: The tress will attack you if you piss them off

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Anyone can battle a dragon but find a date for the ball? Not so easy.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: You can suffer from extreme teen angst

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: In every cave there are dead people in the bottom of its lake

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1): Camping is fun…but for only so long. It needs to end sometime.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 2): Even if you’re in the middle of a war, there is always time to make out

Haven: You can make very powerful acid in a high school science class

He’s Just Not That Into You: If a guy acts like he doesn’t give a shit then he genuinely doesn’t give a shit.

High School Musical: Singing karaoke will help you find true love

High School Musical 2: You can work at a resort and no one will think you’re weird for breaking out into song

High School Musical 3: Senior Year: Graduating high school is way less exciting then you think.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: Dwarves are remarkably good at cleaning kitchens

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: Dragons are fire and death and sound remarkably like Benedict Cumberbatch

Jumper: If you fall in a lake you will end up in the middle of a library and have no idea how you got there

Law Abiding Citizen: Sometimes innocent people go to jail while the guilty go free.

Mamma Mia!: If you don’t know who your father is just break out into song and you’ll find him

Midnight in Paris: Everything is more beautiful in the rain (This is my all time favorite movie)

Mean Girls: You really can take down the mean girl but you’ll become the new bitch on the block

Ocean’s Eleven: You can knock over 3 casinos with a talented group of cons who happened to be the best looking group of guys you have ever seen

Ocean’s Twelve: Foreign people can move through lasers without being detected

Ocean’s Thirteen: If you mess with someones good friend you will be taken for all your worth

The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Good friends can be your saving grace

Pitch Perfect: The song “Titanium” really builds.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl: You can trust pirates if they’re from the Caribbean and not Somalia

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Dead Man’s Chest: If you’re engaged and you kiss someone else your fiance will not take it well

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End: If you’re stuck in Davey Jones Locker you will go crazy. But don’t worry your ship will be there to keep you company

The Proposal: You might be blackmailed into marrying your boss

Sherlock Holmes: You can successfully fake your own death

Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows: You can successfully fake your own death more than once

She’s the Man: If you dress up like a guy, you will get the guy

10 Things I Hate About You: The guy who was paid to take you out will fall madly in love with you

Thor: Slam down your glass and you shall receive another. Or maybe that just works for the Gods.

Thor: The Dark World: Never trust a trickster. Even if he does look like the glorious Tom Hiddleston

Troy: It is possible to start a war over a chick

Twilight: Vampires look like they’ve coughed up glitter and put it all over their faces

The Twilight Saga: New Moon: Lycanthropy isn’t a life style choice. They were born that way.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse: I’m not even going to bother

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Parts 1 & 2): …

Up: If you want to go places take your house with you

Up In the Air: Even the George Clooney types get cheated on. All hope is lost

Without A Paddle: High up in the mountains, red necks are growing acres of pot

Wish Upon A Star: If you wish to become your sister it will happen and you’ll get to make out with her boyfriend

X-Men: There are people out there who are different from you. Be jealous

X-Men 2: Unfortunately, no matter what universe you live in, there is always someone who approves of genocide.

X-Men: The Last Stand: If you try and cut your wings off they will grow back. Plus it’s quite painful.

X-Men: First Class: Friendship is hard work but there might just be someone who will take a bullet for you

X-Men: Days of Future Past: Don’t let your past dictate your future. Unless you’re deliberating going back in time in order to change the future. That’s whole different story.

*Now these are just a few of the movies that I’ve seen. I could add so many more but that would take years and I highly doubt you would have that much time and or the desire to read that extensive of a list.*

I also made a list of all the things television has taught me. That of which, you can find right here.

Darkness Finds Us

Today, we challenge you to try your literary hand at flash fiction.

Darkness doesn’t seem quite as daunting until you’re right in the heart of it. It surrounds you and swallows you up. It’s only once your eyes adjust that you realize it’s even darker that you first imagined. Darkness is hidden and is good at hiding. That’s why so many people are afraid of the dark. They fear what’s out there. What could be lurking in the shadows. The unknown is more terrifying than anything else. I had no idea what I would find once I entered the dark abyss behind my house. No idea what would be waiting and watching me from the thick copse of trees. All I knew was that I needed to be there. I needed to help her.

The further I venture from the house, the greater my fear becomes. I have always hated these woods. I was always terrified to sleep at night knowing that all of those possibilities sat right outside my window. As I traipse through the trees, every snap of a twig under my feet sounds like a gun shot. It’s impossible to not be heard in these woods but it’s so easy to miss the sounds around you. After multiple scratches, a scraped knee and scuffed palms, I come across a clearing. One I didn’t even know existed simply because I had never been this far into the trees before. My heart hammers in my ears and I can feel the blood rushing throughout my body.

Something catches my eyes and I look up. I notice for the first time that the moon and the surrounding sky have turned a blood red. My eyes fixate on the color, drawing me down into darkness.

A piercing scream cuts through the night sky and right through my heart.

Already Home

I heard this song the other day. Well, I actually watched the music video because Darren Criss told me to. I already knew I would love it simply because he was in it. But I didn’t expect to resonate so much with the lyrics of the song. I also didn’t expect the music video to be so unique and so lovely. As I watched the video a few times, I came to realize something. That even though in a few weeks, I will no longer be living in the city I’ve lived in my whole life, I shouldn’t feel sad or scared about it. I should instead remember one thing: Home is where the heart is. I can’t expect to know when or where, or even when, these things will happen. But no matter where I am, I will find all kinds of new loves and because of that I will already be home.

You say Love is what you put into it.

You say that I’m losing my will.

Don’t you know that you’re all that I think about?

You make up a half of the whole.

You say that it’s hard to commit to it.

You say that it’s hard standing still.

Don’t you know that I spend all my nights

counting backwards the days till I’m home.

If only New York wasn’t so far away.

I promise this city won’t get in our way.

When you’re scared and alone

just know that I’m already home.

I say that we’re right in the heart of it.

A love only we understand.

I will bend every light in this city

and make sure they’re shining on you.

If only New York wasn’t so far away.

I promise this city won’t get in our way.

And when you’re scare and alone

just know that I’m already home.

When life takes its own course

sometimes we just don’t get to choose.

I’d rather be there next to you.

Promise you’ll wait for me.

Wait for me.

Wait till I’m home.

All I have is this feeling inside of me.

The only thing I’ve ever known.

If only New York wasn’t so far away.

I promise this city won’t get in our way.

When you’re scared and alone

just that I’m already home. I

f only New York wasn’t so far away.

I will be there every step of the way.

When you’re scared and alone

just know that I’m already home.

Just know that I’m already home.

Shower Us With Starlight

This week, we invite you to write a post — in verse or in prose — inspired by poetry.

Wait, wait for me to grab your hand

To pull you towards the sun

Wait for what tomorrow might bring

And be all that it can be

Wait for the sky to open out

Above our tear stained eyes

Wait for the sun to paint itself across the sky

And shower  us with starlight

Wait for us to be swallowed whole

And fall into oblivion

Love You Later…

For this week’s challenge, you must write a fifty-word story. Not five thousand, not five hundred, but precisely fifty words.

He wrote to me in ink. He gave me a blank canvas, but I had no vision to fill it. He wanted to drown in us, but I was busy gasping. His pages spoke rivers. Mine, a vast unyielding ocean. But no matter. It was always there: love you later


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On the Steps of the Lincoln Memorial

We’re giving you a free ticket to the period and place of your choice: where do you go?

After a moments hesitation, I push open the door and step outside. The light is blinding and it takes my eyes a minute to adjust. As my vision clears, I see it. A sea of people. More people gathered in one place than I have ever seen in my life. I look around to get my bearings and start moving slowly, passing person by person. I look at their faces. Some seem enthralled by what is going on in front of them, others seem to not believe their own eyes. I see a woman crying but whether those are tears of sadness or excitement, I’m not sure. I push further into the crowd and see that each and every person is looking in the same direction. In the direction I plan on going. Suddenly my ears are overcome with a loud roaring. A combined shouting that comes from every person around me. But they are not shouting in hate. They are shouting in joy. People are clapping, people are smiling, people are here for a reason.

Over the din of the crown, I can hear one distinct voice. A voice that is addressing the rest of overbearing crowd. “–one day this nation will rise up–” I push closer to get a better view of the speaker. To maybe see their face. But all I can see if the backs of others heads. Heads moving and bouncing and unable to stay still. “–that one day even the state of Missis–” I catch bits and pieces as a feel the incredible need to be closer. My heart starts pounding in my chest and it almost blocks out the sounds of the people around me. “–transformed into and oasis of freed–“. As I push past more people, I can finally see it. I can finally hear it.

“This is our hope. This is the faith that I go back to the South with. With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope.” The people to my left and my right stand frozen. As if what they’re hearing doesn’t seem real. As if what they are witnessing isn’t really there. I look up towards the podium and I see him. I see him standing before a sea of people and changing their lives one word at a time. I start to shiver as his words envelope me. As they form around me and enter my soul.

“When we let it ring from every city and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God’s children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, ‘Free at least, Free at last, Great God a-mighty, We are free at last'”. The crowd erupts beside me, in front of me, and behind me. Their screams become one as they themselves do. A tear comes to my eye as I look around and see it. So many people gathered together for one single purpose.

I take a deep breathe, close my eyes, and let it sink in.

“I Have a Dream” Speech by Martin Luther King Jr.- August 28th, 1963.


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What’s in a Name?

My name is many things. It is my mother and my father. It is my mother’s mother, my father’s mother and my father’s father. It is the name written on my birth certificate after I emerged from my mother’s body 23 years ago. From my mother’s side, I have inherited my first name. From my father’s side, I have inherited my name in between. My last name belongs to my father and his father before him. I share my maternal grandmother’s first name. But we are not the same. She is Katherine and I am Kathryn. She is Kathy and I am Katie. To those I knew in High School, I was Kato and just when I think that name has been forgotten, I see it again in a text or when my name is called by someone I haven’t seen for a while.  At home I am many names. Shortened versions of my already shortened nickname or something taken out of thin air. In times of trouble I am my birth name and my middle name rolled into one raised voice.

I wonder what it will be like to give up my maiden name if I ever marry. With a different name, will I be a different person? Will I respond to “love”, “darling”, “honey” or “Moon of my Life”? If I call him “hon”, “darling”, or “my Sun and Stars”, will I change him? If I ever have children, will I eventually learn how to become “mother”, “mom”, or “momma”? Will I name them the way my parents named me? Will I call them “son”, “daughter”, “child”, or “sweetheart”?

I am named daughter, sister, grandchild. Niece, cousin, friend. One day I might be spouse, mother, aunt, grandmother. 10 years from now, 15 years from now, 30 years from now. Will I still be the same person I was that day I emerged from my mother’s body? Will I have too many names to keep track of or will I have too many names that I miss? Will there be names I wish I heard on the lips of another but will never come to be?

Will I still be me?


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