Seriously, Not Sorry

tumblr_mh1zgiypdr1rsne45o1_500I read an article recently, entitled “Sorry, Not Sorry: How I quit apologizing for existing” by Rowan Blanchard, and it got me thinking.

Being serious. Sometimes I hear people say that they pride themselves on not taking themselves too seriously. That they’re able to just go with the flow and see where it takes them. As if, taking oneself seriously is a bad thing. Well, I reject that idea. We, as people, and especially as women, should take ourselves very seriously. Because if we don’t, then who will?

And I don’t mean this in the sense that we have to be serious people. I mean that our person, our authentic self, must be serious. Take yourself seriously as hell. Do not apologize for being who you are or for who you are not. Be serious about who you are. Don’t let anyone diminish what you’ve worked for and what you still desire to accomplish. Take.Yourself.Seriously. Respect from others starts with respecting yourself.

When we stop apologizing for being who we are, that’s when we start taking ourselves seriously.


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