The Arrow

Life slips past us

like a tightened arrow

released from our grip

although it has a fixed point

the lives we lead do not

our course is always changing

curving, veering, falling and rising

life moves faster and faster

the arrow narrowing its focus

it whizzes past our cheeks and our chins

sometimes nicking our ears

and making us wince

but eventually the arrow slows down

right before it hits its target

it slows to a complete stop

it hovers over its bullseye

and gives us a moment to think

to pause and take a breath

to change our minds if we want

because once it hits

there’s no going back

life slows down just enough

for us to be the tip of that arrow

to give us a chance to

look back and take control


2 Comments Add yours

    1. Katie says:

      Thank you! Much appreciated! 😀

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