The Good Ol’ Days

Is there a period in your own personal life that you think of as the good old days? Tell us a story about those innocent and/or exciting times (or lack thereof).

I found the good ol’ days in college. They were the days when even if there was so much work to be done, you still felt carefree. Those were the days when you could see your friends everyday and get up to all kinds of shenanigans. Early mornings spent expanding your mind and late nights spent laughing and being together. They were the days when you felt like an adult and could exert your independence on your own terms. They were also the days when you could feel young and innocent and free. They were the days where excitement and waiting opportunities were around every corner. They were the good ol’ days.

Looking back on it, the moments that I’m having right now while living in New York, will one day be the good old days.

In the future, these will be the good ol’ days. 


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