Animal Eyes

I remember the exact moment it happened. I see it in my waking moments and when I’m only starring at my eyelids. Out of the darkness, a figure upon the shadows, I found you silent and stationary. Reaching toward me I could feel the air surrounding us, enveloping us in its grasp. I had this song in my head. One about dreams and life and loss and fear and madness. As you walk towards me, the lyrics of which, I knew only too well, no longer making sense in my head. The stringing together or words becoming a blur of voices and cords. All I saw, instead, were shadoimagesws. The shadows behind your body reflecting back at me the image from a faraway dream. One that spoke to me about grass and trees and rabbit holes and cat chameleons. Of a boy whose voice I knew better than my own but only existed within the grasp of a long forgotten life. Your smile in the darkness brought forward to me the missing piece within my mind. One that only sought solace and comfort and coming home.

In the dark, between the sheets, I saw through yours, my animal eyes.


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