Dangerous Thinking

I’ve been thinking a lot and you know how dangerous thinking can be.

I’ve been thinking that people can be misunderstood because they misunderstand where the other person has stood or where they think they might stand. To make yourself clear you have to start by explaining yourself. But to explain yourself you have to make plain your self but sometimes you just end up paining yourself. So maybe some things are better left unsaid and instead you should look to the view overhead.

085_there-are-no-dangerous-thoughtsI’ve been thinking a lot, but I did not allot for the simple idea that it might make me distraught. But these outrageous ideas keep coming to me and I told you how dangerous thinking can be.


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  1. I see what you did there. Nice rhyming 😉

    1. Katie says:

      haha. Thanks. I’ve been in a rhyming mood lately.

      1. After reading your poem I was inspired to write one of my own. But after working on it for a while, I realized I was rhyming all my thoughts for the rest of the night…. Haha.

      2. Katie says:

        Ahaha. That’s the best. It’s weird when you get into that habit and it’s hard to stop. Can you imagine being friends with Dr. Seuss?

        Oh and did you write the poem?

      3. Being friends with Dr. Seuss? That would be an experience. And I did write a poem. But it’s really really bad. Haha.

      4. Katie says:

        Well, I would still love to read it. 😀

      5. Let me fine tune it a little and I’ll post it! Haha.

      6. I just posted it on my blog (and linked your post too. Shameless plug. Haha.)

      7. Katie says:

        I love a good shameless plug. 😀 Thanks girl.

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