Litmus, Litmus on the Wall

If you had to come up with one question, the answer to which would determine whether or not you could be friends with a person you’ve just met, what would it be? What would the right answer be?

Now, this one I had to think about for a while. Most of the questions I came up with ran along the lines of “What’s the best way to get into Mordor?” or “Did you receive your acceptance letter to Hogwarts?” or “On a scale of one to Chris Brown, how mad does Fifty Shades of Grey make you?”. I could have just stuck with something simple, like: “Do you have undying love and affection for the villain that is Loki and just want to give the poor misunderstood God a hug?”. Or I could have gone with the question that would immediately make us friends for life; that question being: “Does the perfection of Tom Hiddleston make you go weak in the knees and make you want to throw bouquets of flowers at his feet?”.

And even though I have all of these excellent friendship testing questions in mind, I’ve realized that most of those questions are merely objective and really only determine if you’re into the same types of things that I am. But not everyone likes the same things and that shouldn’t stop us from being friends with each other simply because we have differences. In fact, if we have differences then it can only make things more fun and interesting. Especially if you get a nice heated argument about which Doctor is the best Doctor out of it. So I tried racking my brain even more for something that wasn’t entirely objective. And I realized that I couldn’t do it. So I thought, why even try? Just ask the question that you’re dying to ask and hopefully you get the answer you’re looking for.

So here it is:

Who is the true Master of All 4 Elements?

I’ll leave the answer to the discretion of new life long friends.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. loupmojo says:

    That would be Mother Earth 😉

  2. mthomaswhite says:

    If you ask Harry Dresden, he might claim he is. But that is just my opinion.

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