Frank Loves You All

I don’t normally do movie reviews on here, but the movie Frank is almost too thought provoking to pass up.

As a dedicated Michael Fassbender fan, I’ve seen him bend metal with his mind in X-Men: First Class and X: Men Days of Future Past, be an untrustworthy human-like android in Prometheus, kick some serious ass in Haywire, fight the Persians alongside Leonidas in 300, struggle with his sex addiction and his inability to have a serious relationship in Shame, fight for the lives of Roman soldiers in Centurion, get in way over his head in the world of drug trafficking in The Counselor, be a ruthless and brutal slaveholder in 12 Years A Slave, try to keep his relationship together in the short film Goldfish, struggle with his moral capacity in Fish Tank, and be a dark and brooding Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre.

Now, comes Frank. The story of a young man (Domhall Gleeson), striving to be a song writer and musician, who gets mixed up in an eccentric pop band lead by the even more eccentric and mysterious Frank (Michael Fassbender). Frank Movie Poster

This film was not exactly what I expected it to be. I knew it would be strange and beautiful, which it was in many aspects, but it also took on dark and stormy. It’s not just a  film about mental illness, but a film about understanding. Trying to find a balance between yourself and others and the urge we feel to change people when they might not be capable or even want to change. It’s a film about the draw of fame and how it can, all at once, be wonderful and terrible. I saw this as a film about struggle and that we all have issues that we sometimes have to work out for ourselves.

Ultimately, this is a film about staying true to yourself and, if you have it, keeping your original vision alive. It’s about the power of music and its ability to change us in ways we never felt possible.

Frank Movie Poster 2Frank is one of those films that I will have to watch again to really grasp my feelings. I thought the movie was done very well. I was thoroughly impressed by the performances and the fact that all the actors did their own singing and played their own instruments. It’s a film that will, if anything, make you think.

Verdict: I’d definitely recommend it.

Michael Fassbender and co-stars singing “I Love You All”

Michael Fassbender in the short film “Goldfish”

Trailer for the short film “Pitch Black Heist” (2011) starring Michael Fassbender and Liam Cunningham featured at the Tribeca Film Festival.



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