I’ve been telling myself for over 2 years that I will finally finish the show Alias. Back in college, I binged on seasons 1-3 and then basically got bored out of my mind. It didn’t help that my main reason for watching the show, the lovely Bradley Cooper, was no longer on screen every episode or any episodes for that matter. But, I still felt obligated to continue to finish the show. After all, I thoroughly enjoyed the first few seasons, all personal feelings towards Jennifer Garner aside. Now, I’ve finally started watching the show again and only have the last season to go. Keep in mind, however, that watching it again doesn’t mean that I’m enjoying it or that I’m actually invested in what’s been happening to Sydney Bristow and company. I think it’s more my insane mentality that I have to finish what I’ve started. So I’m doing just that. That being said, I honestly cannot handle constantly watching Alias like I cannot handle constantly screaming children in the aisles of IKEA.

So I’m using Netflix to its full advantage and watching any movie that sounds even remotely interesting to help curb my indifference for the later seasons of this show.

And here’s the gem that I found last night:

Adore (2013)- Directed by Anne Fontaine

Taking place in Australia, two life long friends and neighbors end up falling in love with each others sons. Starring Robin Wright, Naomi Watts, Xavier Samuel and James Frecheville.

I honestly thoroughly enjoyed this film, despite every single significant and insignificant moral trouble that it brings. It’s one that makes you think. Think about everything you have ever known and makes you question what you would do in a situation like this. There were plenty of flags raised in this movie, but I have yet to determine whether or not those flags were actually red.

If anything, this is a movie not only about the strength of romantic love but the strength of friendship. That, in my opinion, can be an even more powerful form of love.

Verdict: I’d recommend it.

On a side note: Xavier Samuel, who some may know from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, has an outstanding performance in this movie. I knew he had potential when I saw him in Eclipse because he was one of the few who could actually act in that movie. But I was completely blown away when I watched Adore. If you’re not invested in anyone in this movie, be invested in him. His passion is truly something to behold.


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