Thinking Out Loud

As I sit here in my NYU dorm room, applying for jobs in the publishing field and trying not to forget to meet with my Book Imprint group from the NYU Summer Publishing Institute, in which I am currently spending 6 weeks of my life, I find that the thing that is constantly on my mind isn’t getting a job or my excitement/anguish about this new book project. Instead, it’s about love. What my mind constantly creeps back towards is not what I’m going to spend my life doing but instead who I’m going to spend my life with. I am one of those people that tells myself that I would be perfectly happy being married to my career. Especially if that career will keep the heat on and food on the table and my soul intact (for the descent into hell is an easy one. It’s getting back that’s hard). But I don’t expect this career to hold my hand or wipe away my tears or hold me as I fall asleep.

So is there a possible solution to this conundrum? I suppose I can’t worry about one more than the other. I’m told both will come in their own time. But time is a tricky thing. It waits around for no one and continues on without a second glance. Time knows patience and impatience just as we do. But it doesn’t know how we’ll spend it. I suppose I’ll just keep telling myself that I have plenty of it.

Or I could just stop listening to so many love songs. Yeah.


Inspired by Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” from his new album “X”.


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  1. tiredella says:

    I loved Thinking Out Loud!!! I listen to way too many love songs too, I feel you

    1. Katie says:

      haha. That’s good to hear. I love a good love song but they make me over think things too much.

  2. Ruth says:

    Nice post. I hope you get everything you desire in life: a good job/career and a good love to live your life with. I’m hoping you’ll be able to find both in NYC!

    Love, Mom

    P.s. Might want to look at your first sentence… Major run on sentence!

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  3. chi2aja says:

    Hi..Ketie,,,sometime we have to understand about how happy we are today,,all is about my heart ur post
    Warm regard for me as chi2 from jakarta (Indonesia)
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  4. amakaanozie says:

    Nice post, and you’re right to think about about the ‘who’ before the ‘what’. Wishing you luck in meeting the right ‘who’, and the ‘them’ – the children, and the ‘what’ soon.

    P.s: probably a typo. error. Descent not decent (ist paragraph, 2nd line before last)

  5. enger145 says:

    Very good post i thought anyway, it should be about what you love. I know everyone wants to find a job right away but lets be realistic it isnt going to happen and we have to accept that. It will take time but eventually you will be happy and evrything will work out how you want it. good luck with everything.

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