Story Time

Untitled- Part 1

So I thought I would try a new thing. I’ve been trying to write some good short stories but I always get stuck somewhere in the middle. I thought that if I wrote a little something every week, I might be able to finish what I started. So here is part 1 of my untitled short story.

Hope you enjoy!


“I just wish he would come to me in a dream”.

The woman sitting next to me on the New Jersey Transit train spoke quietly into her phone. She sat with her legs crossed. In her lap sat a 12 oz beer can wrapped in a brown paper bag. I watched her through the reflection in the window as the towns slid past us. She continued to speak quietly, but her voice became more animated as she grew more comfortable speaking about the man she wished to be able to communicate with again.

“Once I talk to my medium, I know everything will be okay. I just need something.”

I couldn’t hear the voice on the other end, but from the woman’s response, it sounded as if it were one of reassurance. The woman clearly sought out spiritual guidance by channeling deceased loved ones on a regular basis. She also clearly found comfort in something that I had no relative knowledge about and was slightly on the more skeptical side of those types of things. But as the train sauntered closer to Bay Street, my mind stayed beside the woman trying to find some meaning in what she had experienced. Whether she wanted answers for herself or for this ethereal man, I had no idea. I couldn’t help but wonder who this man was. What he meant to this woman and how he was taken from this world. As I stepped off the train, my imagination wandered through all of the endless possibilities.


To be continued…




2 thoughts on “Untitled- Part 1

  1. I like this very much and I’m eager to read more! Two things bothered me, most notably that a train cannot “saunter.” That’s a motion that requires legs. I would also like to SEE the train. I don’t really know the New Jersey Transit train. I can’t imagine the environment without a little more help. Hope I haven’t overstepped myself here. 🙂

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