Days Pass By But the Heart Remains

It happened at a wedding. It felt old and brand new at the same time. We’d all known each other for most of our lives. But there’s just something about getting the chance to really get to know someone. Find out what’s deep down inside their soul. It’s about what they choose to let shine and what they keep in the dark. There were many laughs and many jokes that will forever only be between us. It was almost as if we were a family getting to know each again other after years of estrangement, but without anyone holding a grudge. When life gets in the way, it just gets in the way. But when life throws you a bone, you have to take it. Take and hold on to it. Bury it in the backyard with your other memories. Store them up until the next meeting. No matter how many days, or months or years pass in between. It wasn’t awkward or weird or tense. It was smooth and quiet and peaceful. Which quickly turned into loud and comforting. There were many hugs and good wishes. There were many promises made and emerged smiles. It was a bittersweet lullaby for the long days ahead. It was like coming home.

Inspired by The Daily Post



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  1. Frank says:

    I was looking for this certain info for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck

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