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Push Through Me

Stepping onto that ship, I had thought I had never seen anything so grand. The large sails blowing in the wind so fiercely that I imagined their deepest desires to reside on the other side of the vast and seemingly unending ocean. Stepping off the ship, however, I was entirely mistaken. The image in front of me was nothing my wildest dreams could have even fathomed. They called it “The New World” and I could see why. I had never seen so much green space. I had never seen so many towering trees, the tops of which were entirely engulfed by the open sky. Home was nothing like this. The only things that towered above me were made of steel, those of which felt cold and unyielding. This, however. This was incredible. The trees swayed in the breeze. The sounds around me weren’t the constant chatter of people rushing through life, but the calm and still pleasures that life continued to offer. I could see everything. I could feel everything. Every rustle of grass, every spray of the sea; the invisible, yet powerful, force of the wind.

For the moment, the voices had ceased to exist. They no longer screamed about what I was only leaving behind or what exactly I was running towards. This was different. This was what I had never even known I was waiting for. I could see it. This world would not end in oblivion as the other one imploded. Here, I refuse to be forgotten.

Inspired by The Daily Post



10 thoughts on “Push Through Me

      1. haha! Yes it is! They were my favorite creatures on DW and Eleven is my favorite Doctor. My friend drew that for me.

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