Darkness Finds Us

Today, we challenge you to try your literary hand at flash fiction.

Darkness doesn’t seem quite as daunting until you’re right in the heart of it. It surrounds you and swallows you up. It’s only once your eyes adjust that you realize it’s even darker that you first imagined. Darkness is hidden and is good at hiding. That’s why so many people are afraid of the dark. They fear what’s out there. What could be lurking in the shadows. The unknown is more terrifying than anything else. I had no idea what I would find once I entered the dark abyss behind my house. No idea what would be waiting and watching me from the thick copse of trees. All I knew was that I needed to be there. I needed to help her.

The further I venture from the house, the greater my fear becomes. I have always hated these woods. I was always terrified to sleep at night knowing that all of those possibilities sat right outside my window. As I traipse through the trees, every snap of a twig under my feet sounds like a gun shot. It’s impossible to not be heard in these woods but it’s so easy to miss the sounds around you. After multiple scratches, a scraped knee and scuffed palms, I come across a clearing. One I didn’t even know existed simply because I had never been this far into the trees before. My heart hammers in my ears and I can feel the blood rushing throughout my body.

Something catches my eyes and I look up. I notice for the first time that the moon and the surrounding sky have turned a blood red. My eyes fixate on the color, drawing me down into darkness.

A piercing scream cuts through the night sky and right through my heart.