Why a Girl-Crush is Just a Crush

As a woman of 23, who has never actually been in any type of relationship with another human being that could potentially lead to mono, an unplanned pregnancy, or STI’s of the mouth or nether regions, I find myself very much attracted to the male species. I do, in fact, consider myself to be a heterosexual human thing. I love men. Just ask anyone. I was once called boy crazy by a friend of mine (It was said in a good way though?)

But that clearly only applies to the fact that I find myself drooling over so many male celebrities, and so often, that I need to carry a bucket around with me to catch all of that lost saliva. Seriously, I shouldn’t be allowed to watch award shows (or any type of show with men who this human thing find to be incredibly appealing). All of those suits and all of those men. It’s a BenedictFassbenderproblem. I’d try and narrow down my list of how many men I find to be incredibly attractive but that could take years. So I’ll only blow your mind by naming a few: Tom Hiddleston, Darren Criss, Benedict Cumberbatch, Aidan Turner, Lee Pace, Luke Evans, Chris and Liam Hemsworth, Edris Elba, Micheal Ealy, Charlie Hunnam, Michael Fassbender…

Sorry. Got a little carried away there. I’ve just realized, however, that 8/12 of those men are not American. I clearly love a good accent. But that’s only about 95% important right now.

However, men obviously aren’t the only creatures roaming the earth dripping with sex appeal and subsequently ruining us “little” people’s life goal of being on the cover of Men’s Health with the caption “Flattest Butt”. There’s women out there too! And I don’t even need to be one of those people who feel like they have to state they’re comfortable enough in their sexuality to mention that a person of their same sex is beautiful. Although I am and I just did. Seriously women are beautiful. I mean really beautiful. We all know this. It just adds to how unfair life is when there are so many beautiful people out there sitting around being beautiful, having a beautiful time, drinking beautiful shooters and just soaking up each others beautifullness.

This is what makes me wonder why so many heterosexual men feel the need to end a sentence that starts with “he’s a good looking man” (if they even make such a sentence) with “no homo” and why so many heterosexual women feel the need to justify their attraction to women with the statement that these feelings are a “Girl-crush”. Please, humans. It’s a just a plain old, middle school-like crush. I remember when I was experiencing the worst years of my schooling (and going through the horrors of puberty) and I had a crush on some boy (who was also probably going through the horrors of puberty), and the only feelings I ever thought about them was that they were cute. And cute in a fluffy bunny or a floppy-eared puppy sort of way. I didn’t want to date them (and didn’t see why my friends wanted to), I didn’t want to kiss them (again didn’t see why my friends wanted to and trust me, I was past that whole cootie phase), I just wanted to think about them in my young 13 year old mind that had yet to contemplate sex or sexuality in any one fashion. Although, those were the years when I was still recovering from the trauma of watching a baby being born in my 5th Grade sex ed class, so that might have had something to do with it.

With that being said, being attracted to men in a multiple of fashions, doesn’t mean that I don’t find women to be attractive. I find many woman to be incredibly beautiful. However, I don’t have a crush on all of them, just like I didn’t have a crush on every single boy in my middle school who thought he was so cool now that we still had Recess but no longer wanted to play on the monkey bars. That would just be insane. I, like a none psycho, only have a crush on two women. Emma Watson and Emilia Clarke. Those emilia-clarke-beautiful-actress-wide-1920x1200women are gorgeous and the world is unfair. I honestly think that Emilia Clarke is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. I mean, we all know how powerful and beautiful Daenerys Targaryen is but have you seen the actress who plays her? Seriously, she’s one of those women that would be on your list of freebees that you and your significant other come up with if you ever get the chance to meet a certain celebrity. However, don’t laminate that thing, you might want to make changes. Don’t be a Ross Geller and make that mistake.

So is there a point to all this yammering? Most likely. A straight man isn’t going to suddenly find himself at a gay pride parade if he says another man is good looking (although those parades are for allies as well). A straight woman isn’t going to become a switch hitter if she finds another woman to be insanely gorgeous. Beauty is beauty and it’s there to be found and appreciated. I’m not saying you should only value the beautiful people but you should value the beauty whenever and where ever you can find it. In the trees, in the sky, in the wind, the rain, the 4 elements mastered by the Avatar. Whatever it is, appreciate it.

And remember, that same-sex crush is just a crush. It’s not going to keep you up at night contemplating your sexuality. Or if it does, then by all means go exploring. I’d start with a nice mountain. Do a little camping. Meet some people. Heard cows (or sheep). You never know what might happen on a mountain top.

If you don’t quite get my meaning. I think this video should help with that.



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