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An Open Letter to ABC Family…

…and their questionable decisions making skills (especially when it came to the cancellation of the most fabulous show on tv aka. Jane by Design)

Seriously, whose decision was that? I bet it was the same person who thought it was a Jane by Designgood idea to make a spin-off of Pretty Little Liars, steal Tyler Blackburn and pretend that the plot actually makes sense (or that we care about the fate of the small town kids in the creepiest town on earth) and act like everything is all peachy keen.

However, I do applaud the person who got Ravenswood cancelled. I nearly exploded into a double rainbow of excites when I heard this wonderful news (amidst the knowledge that once again Leo did not receive that Golden Man Statue to place on his shiny mantelpiece where he undoubtedly dies a little inside each time he glimpses that empty space. Although he probably makes himself feel better by just knowing that he is a part of the exclusive club of people who only sleep with supermodels. I mean just having that knowledge in my head gets me through the rough times, and I’m not even a multiple snubbed Oscar Nom. So the moment was slightly bitter-sweet). But seriously, that show was terrible. I cannot emphasis that enough. Have I made my point? Nope, it was just plain terrible.

Now what does this have to do with Jane by Design, you might ask? Nothing really. Although I loved that show and still mourn it dearly (I don’t just wear black to make an ironic statement while being ironic), this was merely an outlet for me to rant about the birth of Ravenswood and subsequently the questionable mindset of ABC Family. ABC Family is GobBluthinsane. That channel needs to be placed in a psychiatric facility (preferably the run down one in Teen Wolf where a teen boy possessed by an evil Japanese spirit got it on with a Fox girl who preferably likes being hairy and peeing in the woods over having a human body that allows her to get it on with said teen boy without having him be accused of bestiality. See? This show’s channel knows what it’s doing…well I take that back. It knows what it’s doing with this show. Mainly the glory goes to Jeff Davis and MTV should just be honored to have a quality show like that airing on their station. Even if it just pulls of from the line of fire when it comes to the rest of the shit storm that has become MUSIC TELEVISION). I know we all make mistakes (and this was one of vast proportions) but this mistake might just haunt me forever. I’m not sure who I’m more upset with. ABC Family or the fact that I actually watched the entire season?

However, they really hit the jackpot with Pretty Little Liars and I shall continue to worship Nick Roux PLLthat show no matter how many plot holes there are or the bone chilling fact that the men in that town sure like to dip their toes in a pool of underage girls (There must be like a sign or something outside town). But what I’m especially looking forward to tonight is the fact that Nick Roux who played Billy (who I’m 100% sure didn’t have a last name because he was just too fabulous for one. He was basically on the same level as Cher or Madonna in the fashion department. How many teenage boys–who lay claim to heterosexuality–do you see in leopard print skinny jeans? Probably not many) on the now fabled Jane by Design will be chatting it up and hopefully making out with a Pretty Little Liar tonight.

Dreams really do come true.

Okay, bye.


2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to ABC Family…

  1. great post! this is exactly how i feel about ABC’s Resurrection… of 4400!!! wtf! are american tv watchers really that stupid or producers just think we are. dudes? you already did this show. it was called 4400. i don’t get it. maybe these Resurrectees won’t have super human powers, maybe they are all vampire-pod people waiting for the townpeople to fall asleep so they can suck out their brains thru their femoral arteries. a girl can dream…

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