On the Steps of the Lincoln Memorial

We’re giving you a free ticket to the period and place of your choice: where do you go?

After a moments hesitation, I push open the door and step outside. The light is blinding and it takes my eyes a minute to adjust. As my vision clears, I see it. A sea of people. More people gathered in one place than I have ever seen in my life. I look around to get my bearings and start moving slowly, passing person by person. I look at their faces. Some seem enthralled by what is going on in front of them, others seem to not believe their own eyes. I see a woman crying but whether those are tears of sadness or excitement, I’m not sure. I push further into the crowd and see that each and every person is looking in the same direction. In the direction I plan on going. Suddenly my ears are overcome with a loud roaring. A combined shouting that comes from every person around me. But they are not shouting in hate. They are shouting in joy. People are clapping, people are smiling, people are here for a reason.

Over the din of the crown, I can hear one distinct voice. A voice that is addressing the rest of overbearing crowd. “–one day this nation will rise up–” I push closer to get a better view of the speaker. To maybe see their face. But all I can see if the backs of others heads. Heads moving and bouncing and unable to stay still. “–that one day even the state of Missis–” I catch bits and pieces as a feel the incredible need to be closer. My heart starts pounding in my chest and it almost blocks out the sounds of the people around me. “–transformed into and oasis of freed–“. As I push past more people, I can finally see it. I can finally hear it.

“This is our hope. This is the faith that I go back to the South with. With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope.” The people to my left and my right stand frozen. As if what they’re hearing doesn’t seem real. As if what they are witnessing isn’t really there. I look up towards the podium and I see him. I see him standing before a sea of people and changing their lives one word at a time. I start to shiver as his words envelope me. As they form around me and enter my soul.

“When we let it ring from every city and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God’s children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, ‘Free at least, Free at last, Great God a-mighty, We are free at last'”. The crowd erupts beside me, in front of me, and behind me. Their screams become one as they themselves do. A tear comes to my eye as I look around and see it. So many people gathered together for one single purpose.

I take a deep breathe, close my eyes, and let it sink in.

“I Have a Dream” Speech by Martin Luther King Jr.- August 28th, 1963.


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Singing the Blues

We all feel down from time to time. How do you combat the blues? What’s one tip you can share with others that always helps to lift your spirits?

A few minutes ago, I finished watching the season 2 finale of the British television show mymadfatdiarydvdMy Mad Fat Diary and Rae Earl has been having an exceptionally hard time. She was on the outs with her mom, her friends are all mad at each other, and her best friend is nowhere to be found. Upon speaking to her therapist Kester, he asked her to tell him why she thought she was a bad person, why she always breaks things, why she was a disappointment. The second half of their conversation went as such:

Kester: Now I want you to tell me what you don’t like about yourself. But be honest with me. Don’t be clever, don’t be angry. Be honest.

Rae: I’m fat. And I’m ugly and I ruin things.

Kester: Try and find some sense of how long you’ve felt that way

Rae: I don’t know. Since I was about 9 or 10

Kester: So this is an opinion that you formed a long time ago about yourself. I want you to imagine a 10 year old version of yourself sitting on that couch. So this is the little girl who first believed that she was fat and ugly and an embarrassment. I want you to imagine her sitting there right now. Now tell that little girl she’s fat.

Rae: I’m not gonna do that.

Kester: Tell that little girl she’s ugly

Rae: I don’t want to.

Kester: Tell that little girl that she’s an embarrassment and she’s useless because that’s what you do everyday when you say that to yourself. And you convince yourself that you’re an embarrassment. A burden. Do you think she’s ugly?

Rae: No.

Kester: Or fat? No? Or an embarrassment? Or horrible? Or worthless?

Rae: Stop it! Just stop it! NO! Alright, no.

Kester: What do you want to say to that little girl? If she said to you that’s how she felt about herself, what would you tell her?

Rae: That she’s fine. That she’s perfect.

Kester: Then that’s what you need to tell yourself every time you feel that panic. That anxiety. You need to soothe yourself like you would little girl. Yeah?

Rae: Yeah.

Kester: You need to tell yourself that everything is going to be okay. If you commit to that then I promise you, you will be able to face anything. And it starts right now. Everything starts right now.

I’d say that’s pretty good advice for any situation. It never helps to put yourself down, especially if other people are already doing it. You can’t count on anyone else to pull you up, especially if you don’t want to be pulled up. You have to do it yourself. You have to be kind to yourself and then you can be kind to others.


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Que Sera Sera

Do you believe in fate or do you believe you can control your own destiny?

I believe that fate and destiny are two very different things. I believe we have one fate.Our fate is immovable and unchanging. It’s the road that we immortal beings are all headed down. We are predetermined to die. We have been since the moment we were born.

But our destiny isn’t so straight forward. In fact, it’s multitudinous. Many people look to the phrase “destined for greatness” but that greatness could come from anything. It could ralph-waldo-emerson-destinycome from achieving success, it could come from changing the world, it could come from becoming a better person. There are multiple ways in which a person can reach their destiny. Destiny is constantly changing and evolving. Your destiny isn’t the same now as it was when you were a child or when you were going through a hard time. What we want out of life is never stationary. We always want more. But that doesn’t mean we’ll never be satisfied with what we have. That just means that what we have now is the stepping stones we need in order to achieve our ultimate destiny. Now I know my ultimate destiny isn’t to become a Super Saiyan like Goku or master all 4 elements like Avatar Aang. My destiny may not even be to save the world. But I believe we all have a destiny that will help us make the world better a better place.

And the only way to do so, is to be in charge of it.


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What We Fear: Death or Humanity?

If there’s one thing that I’ve come to realize over the years is that fear is nothing. Nothing until it comes to understand its full potential. Fear can change you, but only if you let it. Fear can also defeat you. It can tie you up so tight that you can’t even move your arms or legs. It can make you feel as though there is no escape. It can make you into something you’re not. But it can also compel you to do incredible things. Things you would never have even thought of doing. Some people think that it’s better to not show fear. They think that by doing so the fear isn’t real. But not showing fear or pretending it isn’t real does not mean you’ve overcome it.

I come from a generation of desensitized children. We face more death, violence and cruelty than any other generation. It’s everywhere. It’s in everything. It’s right in front of our very eyes. I can’t even count the number of crime shows out there that deal with serial murderers, rapists, child abusers, etc. because there are simply too many. There are plenty of shows out there that basically state in the premise that “violence is the only answer”. They place us in a world that has become “kill or be killed”.

These are the things that we see each and every day. We witness a never ending cycle of murder, violence and abuse. But here’s the kicker. Most of these shows are supposed to depict real life. If that’s the case, then we live in an world that should be one of outright fear. If this is our reality, then it’s not very bright. Is there no light at the end of the tunnel? Or are we just waiting to be consumed by a flesh-eating-formerly-human-monster?

I’ve wondered what these shows are supposed to be teaching us. Are we supposed to be okay with gun violence? Racism? Sexism? Abuse? Murder? Sexual Assault? Or are we simply supposed to be afraid? I’ve been a fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead (created by Frank Darabont) since season 1 and that is one show that simply thrives off fear. Fear of death, dying, defeat, the dead and ultimately what is left of humanity and whether or not there is really anything human left. The Walking Dead, saison 1I’m aware that this show is not a complete depiction of real life and it’s not entirely like what the crime shows deal with. But the fear on that show is very real. No matter what world we’re living in, we fear the same things time and time again. It’s come to a point on the show (particularly this most recent season) that we’ve come to realize that the dead isn’t the only thing to be afraid of. Humanity is just as dangerous, if not more so. In a world without rules or laws, almost every single person is out for blood. Blood they have to spill in order to protect their own.

In the world of crime shows, we fear humanity above all else. The human race is constantly trying to save what has been destroyed. In many of these shows you come across a human being who thinks that killing is the only way to save the greater good. Unmask what is haunting us and we can overcome it. But what happens when we start being haunted by what we see?

A few weeks ago, I made a futile attempt to get into NBC’s Hannibal (created by Bryan Fuller). I got through to the first 5 minutes of season 1, episode 4 and I just could no longer stomach it. I tend to know when things will scare me, but I’m not always sure what. I have refused to watch any of the Hannibal films because I know I’ll be terrified and yet, I somehow thought I could handle the show. Thinking back on it, I wonder where my fear came from upon seeing two humans turned into angels. Was the decimation of another human being too disturbing to witness? Or was it witnessing what humanity is capable of what truly scared me? I’m not entirely sure. And yet, I still have the lingering feeling to go back and try again. To try and make it work.

That being said, why is it much easier for me to keep watching The Walking Dead while I struggle with the desire to watch Hannibal? Is it the idea that Hannibal takes places in the present world, where as The Walking Dead takes place in a possible future? Either way, both shows speak to one major question.

What’s truly more terrifying: the dead or humanity? Is it possible that once we find an answer to that question we’ll simply no longer be afraid?

Why I Write

In today’s challenge, you’ll reflect on your origin story and tell us how and why you became a writer.

When my mom was in College she spent a year abroad in Spain. During her year there not only did she become fluent in the Spanish language but she brought a little bit of Spain back home with her. To this day, she has always felt a connection to that beautiful country and has subsequently shared it with her children.

One of the books that my mom would read to me when I was little was The Story of Ferdinand the Bull.previewFerdinand by Munro Leaf. The story was about a bull named Ferdinand who wasn’t like other bulls. Instead of wanting to be a fighter of Matadors, Ferdinand would rather sit in the meadow and smell the flowers. When I was young I simply saw the story as a story. I never really thought about what it meant until now. Thinking back on it, I’ve realized that Ferdinand embodies something that everyone wants. Individuality. Everyone wants to be something special but they want to do so on their own terms. When we’re young we think that conformity is the only way to survive being surrounded by our peers. But as we get older, we realize that the only way to do so is to be ourselves. Be our best selves each and every day. And our best selves are very different from everyone else. Ferdinand didn’t let the pressure of society impose on him something he didn’t want. He didn’t want to be a fighter. He wanted to be a lover. A lover of the flowers in the meadow.

Reading these books when I was young took me to a place that I didn’t know existed. They showed me just how important imagination is and just how important individuality is. Individuality might be hard to achieve at times but imagination is endless. That’s why I write. I write because I want to give a voice to all those things in my head. The things that have a hard time being heard or expressing themselves. The things that might not make sense to others but are perfectly ingenious to me. I write because words have given me so much and I want to be able to give something back. Books are a huge part of my life and I want to contribute to the limitless change that comes from the written word.

I write because my imagination is endless and I have no desire to contain it.


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The Happy Wanderer

What’s your travel style?



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“Relationship” Now Arriving at Imagination Station

Think of your longest relationshipTell us about your love story.

When it comes to relationships I am multiple things:

  1. I’m not one of those people who had a slightly awkward/ slightly creepy middle school relationship that merely consisted of wiping the sweat off my hand after holding someone else’s for more than 5 minutes.
  2. I am not one of those people that had a high school relationship that was so lustful that we had plenty of misadventures in the back of an old Trans Am that could have potentially lead to unwanted pregnancy or other life changing afflictions.
  3. I am not one of those people who dated in college and was so in love that I was basically holding my hand out waiting for that illusive ring to suddenly appear on my finger.

With that in mind, I am these things instead:

  1. I’m one of those people who doesn’t think the word relationship is as exclusive as everyone seems to think it is. We have relationships with EVERY SINGLE person in our lives. We just don’t happen to date them all. I have a relationship with my parents. I have a relationship with my friends. I have one with my brother and my cousins and my aunts/uncles. A relationship is any kind of interaction you have with another thing on this planet, whether it’s a good relationship or a bad one. I have a relationship with animals. I have one with nature. I have one with this computer that I’m typing at. Technically, I’m in a hell of a lot of relationships.
  2. I have never had a relationship (and here I mean relationship in the dating sense) with another person. I’ve never been on a date. In fact, I’ve never been anything.
  3. The longest relationship that I’ve had all depends on the imagination and how long my imagination can keep things spicy.

With #3 in mind, I have had multiple imaginary boyfriends and multiple imaginary husbands. And let me tell you, those relationships were some of the best years of my life.

  1. When I was around 14 years old I watched this movie. It was about pirates and blacksmiths and governors daughters. It had the fastest vessel in Caribbean, as well Orlando Bloomas, a cursed ship, a ship with black sails “that was captained by a man so evil, that Hell itself spat him back out”. Immediately the Blacksmith called to me, just like to gold did to the cursed pirates who were not among the living and so they could not die, but neither were they dead. I immediately became obsessed with not only those movies but with the actor portraying the man who had a touch of destiny about him. Orlando and I were married for a good three years and we were very happy. I spent most of my time watching anything I could get my hands on that he was in (you know, to show what a supportive wife I was) and there was a time where I nearly broke the computer trying to find every interview he had ever done, ever, and watching it multiple times. He was my first celebrity crush so, of course, my relationship with him was one of complete intensity/insanity. I thought we would never end, until we did.
  2. When I was 17 I watched another movie. One which I later came to completely regret and to this day makes me cringe to think that even for a split second I had the audacity to think that the film was actually of good quality. I was clearly mistaken. But once I cutestcame to my senses, which only took watching the film again and nearly gagging on the crappiness of it, did I find that I could look past all of that and find something beautiful about a movie with unhealthy completely dependent relationships (and girls who don’t know how to act if their life depended on it) that also happened to have sparkly undead immortal creatures in it. And find something beautiful I did. His name was Taylor and he was a boy/man/wolf. We dated for about 2 years and he continued to be in those terrible movies while I continued to force myself to keep down my lunch and not throw rocks at the movie screen every time that chick stuttered her way through a scene. But I was supportive. He did what he had to do (most of which included no shirts being in the vicinity) and I was perfectly fine with that. Our love, however, didn’t last through the next three films. Note to self: If you want to torture someone, force them watch the first film. See how well they fare in the midst of a complete and utter travesty.
  3. When I was 19, I watched this very buzzed about television show. The teenagers on it sang and danced their way through their adolescent problems and did so fabuloDARREN CRISS DE LA SERIE 'GLEE' EN CONCERTusly. There was this one boy who went to an all boys private school who wore a blue blazer with red piping and had the voice of an Angel that suddenly made all of those top 40 chart smashers look like little children singing into plastic microphones. I was even more obsessed with Darren than I was with Orlando. This was a match or marriage made in heaven. He is the trifecta. Singer, dancer, actor and simply everything you could ever imagine. We had what was probably the most intense relationship I ever could have asked for. I watched all of the musicals he did with his college troupe, including the ones about a boy wizard fighting dark forces. I went to New York to see him on Broadway. To put it simply, love was all around. We’re in a place now where lust no longer applies and has been replaced by understanding, friendship and just pure unadulterated joy upon seeing him in anything. He’s a guiding light through the darkness.
  4. When I was 20, I watched this movie about Norse Gods. One was the God of Thunder and one was the God of Mischief. They were not just brothers, they were friends but due to circumstances beyond their control they suddenly became enemies. This film made me question my extreme love for the caped crusader, the silent guardian. I suddenly had a new favorite superhero and his cape was red instead of black. TomHiddleston3However, it wasn’t until I was 22 that I realized I had finally found what I was looking for all these long years. The man behind the green suit, horned helmet and staff of doom was and had always been my soul mate. He became everything to me and to this very day, this very moment, he still is. I would give him my left kidney if he needed it (or even if he didn’t). Tom is the man that I have been waiting for and I would wait on him forever and a day. Hand and foot, his world is my world. The simple fact that he exists in a world that can be chaotic and messy and still be upbeat and be hopeful and kind and generous to every person he meets makes me believe in the world again. He makes me believe that there are still good people out there. People who can and strive to make things better. I would climb the highest mountain, run through the fields, scale the city walls just to be with him. He means that much to me.

In conclusion:

  1. My Imagination Relationship Station clearly does not object to polygamy.


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What’s in a Name?

My name is many things. It is my mother and my father. It is my mother’s mother, my father’s mother and my father’s father. It is the name written on my birth certificate after I emerged from my mother’s body 23 years ago. From my mother’s side, I have inherited my first name. From my father’s side, I have inherited my name in between. My last name belongs to my father and his father before him. I share my maternal grandmother’s first name. But we are not the same. She is Katherine and I am Kathryn. She is Kathy and I am Katie. To those I knew in High School, I was Kato and just when I think that name has been forgotten, I see it again in a text or when my name is called by someone I haven’t seen for a while.  At home I am many names. Shortened versions of my already shortened nickname or something taken out of thin air. In times of trouble I am my birth name and my middle name rolled into one raised voice.

I wonder what it will be like to give up my maiden name if I ever marry. With a different name, will I be a different person? Will I respond to “love”, “darling”, “honey” or “Moon of my Life”? If I call him “hon”, “darling”, or “my Sun and Stars”, will I change him? If I ever have children, will I eventually learn how to become “mother”, “mom”, or “momma”? Will I name them the way my parents named me? Will I call them “son”, “daughter”, “child”, or “sweetheart”?

I am named daughter, sister, grandchild. Niece, cousin, friend. One day I might be spouse, mother, aunt, grandmother. 10 years from now, 15 years from now, 30 years from now. Will I still be the same person I was that day I emerged from my mother’s body? Will I have too many names to keep track of or will I have too many names that I miss? Will there be names I wish I heard on the lips of another but will never come to be?

Will I still be me?


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If You Leave…

Life is a series of beginnings and endings. We leave one job to start another; we quit cities, countries, or continents for a fresh start; we leave lovers and begin new relationships. What was the last thing you contemplated leaving? What were the pros and cons? Have you made up your mind? What will you choose?

I recently got accepted into a publishing institute in New York City and will be spending 6 weeks there during the summer. What I’m hoping to get out of this institute is a job in the publishing industry. But if that happens that I will have to leave my family behind and move to a new city. I’ve never lived anywhere other than Wisconsin. I went to UW-Madison and was only 15-20 minutes away from my parents house. I’ve never lived anywhere but here. I’ve always had plenty of family around and many of the friends I had in high school with are the same friends that I shared my college years with.

The idea of leaving is a hard one, but it’s also very exciting. I can’t wait to live in another city, especially with that city being New York. I’ve been to the city twice now and I absolutely love it, especially the theater. I’ve always loved going to Broadway shows and just being around the arts will hopefully be the inspiration I need and am looking for. I can’t wait to start a new life and career there. That’s where I can see myself thriving. That’s where I hope to find success. I know leaving my family behind will be hard but they will always be my family. The same goes for my friends. Most of them are out of college and we’re all starting our own lives. So it’s only natural that we’re going to end up in different places. But that’s doesn’t mean that we’ll no longer be friends. That’s never going to change no matter where I live.

Plus, if I live in New York, it gives them all an excuse to take a vacation and come visit me. I would absolutely love to be able to show them around and hopefully take them to the theater.


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Time After Time

Traditions: we’ve all got ‘em. They might be family dinners on special occasions, or having a particular kind of cake on your birthday (Jeanne Cake, natch), or popcorn at the movies, or meeting your friend for a 5k run in the park, rain or shine, every Sunday morning. What are your favorite traditions, large and small? What is it about your traditions that keep them going strong for you?

One of the traditions that my family take part in, is also probably my favorite. Every summer my family throws a huge barbeque for all of our family and friends. We spend the day eating, drinking, enjoying each others company, and trying to not melt from the heat that July is known to bring to the Midwest. What I enjoy most about this is getting the chance to see people you don’t always get to see. Sometimes once a year is the only time you get to spend with them and it’s always a treat to see them again, even if it’s only for a few hours. I also thoroughly enjoying getting to see both my mom’s side of the family and my dad’s side of the family at the same event. That doesn’t usually happen very often.

This tradition is a lot of work and it’s a good thing that it only takes place once a year. But this tradition is also a lot of fun. It’s something I always look forward to during the summer and I can’t wait for the party to start this year.


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