Never Gonna Give You Up

You. We know *you* are vice-free, dear Daily Post reader. But, or perhaps we should say, “butt,” others around you and in your life are riddled with vices: they smoke; they eat too much celery; they hog the covers; they can’t keep their hands out of the office candy bowl. Which vice or bad habit can you simply not abide in others?

For anyone who is familiar the film The Internship and it’s hilarity and greatness, then you’re obviously familiar with the character of Yo-Yo Santos.  Yo-Yo Santos has a very bad habit and a very overbearing mother. Whenever he feels stressYoYoSantosed or feels like he’s not living up to his potential or basically his mother speaks to him as if he’s not good enough, he ends up punishing himself by picking out his eyebrows. By the end of the film-*spoiler*-he has only one eyebrow but he also finally-*another spoiler*- stands up to his mother and earns some much deserved respect.

This character in particular makes me think about the reasons we might have for forming bad habits. There’s always a reason for doing the things we do, but we don’t always know why we do them. For example, I randomly pick at my eyebrows. However, I still have both of mine and I think I just like the feel of them more than anything. If that’s not weird to say. Another bad habit of mine is cracking my knuckles. I don’t know when I started or why I started but I can’t stop and it’s a problem. I have the fear that I’m going to get arthritis or something in the future and yet, I still do it because most of the time I don’t even realize that I’m doing it. It’s just out of habit now. Just now I had to physically stop myself from cracking them. I’ve gone through periods where I’ve stopped cracking them and I feel really accomplished. For a time. Even if I can go for a week or two without cracking them, something happens to my body and I’m suddenly off the wagon again.

I don’t know why I do these things and I don’t know why other people have bad habits either. Maybe they understand theirs better than I do. But I’m just not gonna question it. I’m too busy trying not to destroy my joints further.

So uh yeah. Bye.


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