Being a Part of Something Special Makes You Special, Right?

There are plenty of people, myself included, who want to meet someone famous. In fact, they also happen to have particular famous people in mind that they want to meet. And it’s just suddenly dawned on me the real reason why we want to meet these famous people. Whether they’re an film/tv actor, an opera singer, an athlete, a comedian, a Broadway star, an Olympian, a musician, a chef, a talk show host, a novelist, a director, etc. the reason we want to, I mean really want to, meet these people is because they are special. They are special in the most grand way possible. They have achieved what they’ve been placed on this earth to do and they just happen to have done in front of the entire world. They have not only discovered what they are good at, have even praised for it in amazing ways, but they also make a living exuding their special talent. So many people spend their entire lives trying to discover what they’re good at and strive even harder to be able to support themselves while doing it. Some people never discover what they’re good at and end up settling on almost everything in their lives. But famous people, famous people have made it and we’ve all been witness to them “making it”. I think what our true goal in meeting someone famous is to achieve the feeling of being “special”. If you meet someone famous then you immediately become special yourself. I see it as “meeting someone special makes you special”. And I think all we really want from this life is to, in some way, feel special. To feel like we can accomplish something. Something that we have worked hard for and care deeply and intensely about. Famous people have achieved that and we just want a little part of that.

I know for a fact that when I meet a favorite musician (which I’ve done a handful of times) I immediately feel special because of it. Just being in the atmosphere of the accomplished and getting the chance to speak to them on a human-to-human level makes you feel accomplished. It makes you feel special. I don’t think anyone goes to a concert and waits patiently for the possible chance to meet someone from the band, or who waits outside the stage door after a play or musical hoping to meet the lead, or goes to a book signing in order to speak to the author of their favorite book, does so because they want to be made to feel terrible about the things they haven’t yet accomplished or striven for. They do it because they want to be around a person who has made something of their lives and has done so successfully.

There are of course those people who think that others want to meet someone famous in order to have their fifteen minutes of fame. I know there are people out there that do that, but I believe there are more people out there who don’t. I believe that there are tons of people who believe in their hearts that meeting someone special will somehow rub off on them and as a result, make them special. I mean, who doesn’t want to feel special? Who doesn’t want to feel accomplished or successful? I know I do. I would sure as hell feel accomplished and special if I could say “Hey, random person! I just met Tom Hiddleston!” or “Hey, friend! I just saw friggin Matt Lauer walking by!” I would shout those things from the rooftops if they were true. But I would also feel special by being able to do what I wanted to do. Doing something I know I’m good at and can make my life better because of it.

I truly think that that is the real reason people have the desire to meet a famous person. Especially a person they look up to. I think we should do anything and everything to make ourselves feel special and good. Doing what you love is special. Being a part of something special makes you special in return. You just have to go out there and find it.