1,000 Empty Words

For this week’s challenge, use one of the images in this gallery as a starting point for a short story, poem, free-write, or musing on whatever you’d like.

Emptiness I can see it.

I can see everything around me. It’s dark and damp and unwelcoming. I’ve heard this all before. Many times before. You say things to me so I’ll listen. But you’re never actually listening. The walls are closing in. Concealing my mind and body inside. There is no way out. There is no way to escape from your wicked tongue. You’re constantly spewing words at me. Because God doesn’t only know that I love words. You voice calls to me in the darkness. It echoes slowing and surely in my mind. It pulls me further into the shadows. I know what’s waiting for me there but I can’t prevent myself from moving. I’m always moving. Always in motion. It’s hard to put a stop to a habit. I’ve never been one to do things cold turkey. I strive to push your voice away. Push it deeper and deeper into the back of my mind. So far back that I can no longer hear it. I wish to let you go. Wish to let you float away into the sky and trees and never bother me again. I wish for a lot of things. But not all wishes come true. My wishes contradict with your wishes. You wish to tear me down and put me in an empty room. You wish for me to be alone. Wallowing in my own dark self-pity. But I won’t let you take over. I can’t let you take over. Because once you do there is no going back. You might always be there in the back of my mind but that won’t stop me from letting go. It won’t stop me from attempting to forget the impossible. I believe I can change this empty room. This dark and daunting hallway. I don’t have to be alone. I don’t have to want to escape. I can make it anything I want. I can be anything I want. But you constantly try and stop me. You’re always there with a harsh image or a blunt word. I can’t escape the voices. Your voice in particular. I can’t escape the sound forming around the words “different”.

I can see it.

Every minute of every day. It’s always in front of my face and the faces of the ones who are most dear to me. Your voice has entered their heads as well. It’s whispering to them in the night. It’s telling them things that they didn’t want to know. It’s telling me the same thing. There are other voices that try and stand up to you. Try and tell you that you’re wrong and that we’re all wonderfully, extraordinary individuals. But your voice is strong. It’s imbedded in the heads of every single person on this earth. Every day is a struggle. Every day is a constant battle against you and your powerful friends. It doesn’t help that you have a consistent daily supply of anguish, fear, and uncertainly to fuel you.

But I can see it. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. You may make people feel empty and alone and afraid. But no one will ever feel as empty as your 1,000 empty words.


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