Do You Know the Muffin Man?

What is your very favorite holiday? Recount the specific memory or memories that have made that holiday special to you.

Christmas is easily my favorite holiday. I love the lights on houses illuminating the streets and making driving around town that much merrier. I love the giant Christmas tree that goes up in the capital building and all of the handmade ornaments made by young school children. I love going to Olin Park and driving through the Holiday in Lights. I love putting up decorations all around the house and finding the perfect gifts for friends and family. I love eating lots of food with my family and getting to spend time together. I love the 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family and waiting for all my favorite holiday movies to be on.

Those are the things that I do every Christmas. But one Christmas in particular is one I will never forget. My brother and I had to have still been in single digits this particular Christmas and we happened to be making Gingerbread men with my mom. We had this whole thing planned out. We made the dough, rolled it with our little gingerbread_man_aherokid hands and cut them with the cookie cutters. We were all excited waiting for them to bake in the oven. We had all of our frosting and sprinkles ready for when they were done. But when the timer went off and my mom looked in the oven, the gingerbread men were gone!! My brother and I were in shock. We had no idea what to do. But my mom had a brilliant idea. She told us that in order to find the gingerbread men we would have to set a trap for them. So we found a small cardboard box and some string and set up the trap in the dining room. We put candy inside the box, knowing that they would be hungry after spending all of that time in the hot oven. Then, when the gingerbread men would find the candy, hopefully the would knock over the cardboard box, keeping them inside. So we set the trap and proceeded to wait.

We waited for about an hour and my mom told us that we would have to leave the box alone. If the gingerbread men knew we were watching, there would be no way they would go near it. So we spent the next hour doing other things, all the while, wondering what was happening upstairs. Then my mom told us we had waited long enough. We crept into the dining room and the cardboard box had fallen! We lifted up the box and there were our gingerbread men surrounded by empty candy wrappers! Our trap was a success! Then we proceeded to eat them. They were quite delicious as I recall.

Now, I am aware that there weren’t any gingerbread men running around my childhood home. But I do know that my mom went to all kinds of lengths to make us happy and make the holiday special and fun. And happy we were. That was one of the only years that we made gingerbread men together, we usually stick to regular cookies. I don’t know why we made them that year but I’m glad we did and I will always remember it.

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