Why Do We Fall?

Like most days off, I spent this particular Monday in the company of Gotham’s silent protector, their watchful guardian, their Dark Knight and watched Bruce Wayne endure all that Batman could, making the hard, yet right, decisions, even if the people of Gotham hated him for it. The films about my favorite superhero have taught me a lot of things. And one of them is this: In our darkest hour, when we have been pushed to the edge, we must endure. When we are going through hell, we must keep going. For the night is darkest just before the dawn…and the dawn is coming.

the-dark-knight-rises-poster edit  Why do we fall?

  Why do we suffer pain and loss?

  To endure

  To differentiate between what is right

  And what is easy

  Why do we fall?

  To be decent people

  In an indecent time

  To be better than the world

 Let’s us be

Why do we fall?

To find peace amongst the chaos

To rise from the rubble

To be the unsung hero

Why do we fall?

To get back up


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