Covet in thy Name of Knowledge

Tell us about the one luxury item you wish you could afford, in as much detail as you can. Paint a picture for us.

The one luxury item that I wish I could afford would be my own personal library. It would have floor to ceiling shelves and an extra thick door that could not only house books on it, but also enable to room to be sound proof. It wouldn’t have to be a library of Beauty and the Beast proportions, but one that was just as magnificent. There would be tall windows with thick drapes to allow natural light in and there would be a window seat in each window, perfect for putting your feet up, and there would be plenty of comfy pillows to lie back on. There would also be plenty of seating in the middle of the room with soft couches and pillows, with a nice blanket draped over the back.

If I’m feeling extra extravagant, I might even have the library be two floors, and there would be a spiral staircase leading up to upper level. This upper level would be open and you would be able to lean over the railing and look down onto the lower level. Since the shelves would be so tall, there would have to be a moveable ladder available to reach the highest shelves so no book would go unloved. There would be all kinds of books in this library. Non Fiction, Fiction, Classics, Young Adult books, Mysteries, autobiographies, different series, etc. Every book would be in the proper section that it belongs to and they would be organized either by author or by title (not quite sure yet), and it would be open to any guests who come by the house, so they can enjoy this space as much as I would.


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11 thoughts on “Covet in thy Name of Knowledge

  1. Hope up! you’ll get that covet in future.
    Inform me when you open your library, I would love to visit and read business books there. 🙂

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