To Boldy Go…

An impending new year gives rise to reflection and goal setting. What will your goals for 2014 be? It’s never to early to start thinking about self improvement!

In the words of Captain Kirk: Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

With every new year, comes new responsibilities, obstacles and opportunities. Setting goals for each new year always makes me weary because I always seem to have a hard time keeping those goals. But nonetheless, I always try and set at least one goal. Even if I don’t keep it, at least I was thinking about self-improvement. That counts, right?

I’ve always had a goal of traveling to a new country. It always sounded exciting and scary and yet, I have never done it because the timing was never right or the funds were never there. This year, however, I made a promise to myself that I would stop worrying about all of those things for a minute and just plan a trip. So I did. As of 2014, I will be spending 3 weeks in Europe exploring England, Scotland and Ireland. This is the first trip that I am going to be taking without my parents and I can’t wait to discover things about myself that I never knew before. I cannot wait to begin this new journey.

My goal/mission for this trip (and for the rest of the year): Discover new places, experience new cultures, meet new people, be awed, be shocked, appreciate new things, explore every crack and crevice, be changed and to boldly go where…I have never gone before.

To Boldy Go


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