Story Time

Characters that Haunt You- Part 2

Since I received so much positive feedback on my original Characters that Haunt You post (of which my heart has now grown two sizes), I thought that I would continue the journey of my character. I would love to hear thoughts on it!

I can already smell it, from hundreds of miles away; the greed of men and their desire to conquer. I try to push down this feeling, push it back into the dark depths of my overcrowded mind. Once it gets out, there will be no containing it. I cannot, and will not, be a monster. But what’s stopping me? They already fear and loathe me. But fear of an idea only increases fear of a thing itself. They fear desolation just as much as they fear their own greed. Just as much as I fear my own innate desires. This fire burning, building, churning inside me is desperate. Desperate to put them in their place. But what place is that? What makes them any less capable redemption? Redemption for me isn’t possible. I am already condemned for something I may or may not do. They, however, will be condemned for not condemning me. And why should we show each other mercy? We will never grasp hands and call each other “friend”.

In fact, I have no desire to side with the likes of men. Men, who are no different than common beasts. Men, who constantly thrash, kick and tear the world apart simple because they can. How are they any different than my ancestors, the ones who chose to succumb to their burning rage and their thirst to take the pride of others? How are they any different than their own ancestors? Surely, not all of them have chosen between the lesser of two evils and yet. And yet, every single inhabitant of this land strive to keep or take back what it rightfully theirs. But does that mean that I have no right to keep what is mine, as well? However, what would I consider mine?

I am the wanderer. I see more in one day than most of these inhabitants will even see in a lifetime. I have seen vast mountain tops, dreary dark caves, vast lush lands of greens and golds. I have also seen fire and rain and death and destruction. Some of which has come from my own hand, from my own ignorance. But even after the devastation, I have seen great men rise from the ashes. It seems, however, that it is the pleasure of lesser man to light the flame. I’ve also seen that after the fire dies out and the grass begins to grow again, when the sounds of tiny featured creatures resume their cheery songs, each and every one of those “great men”, get up, dust themselves off, and return home. But does a wanderer ever really have a home to return to? Do these inhabitants even care if I have been forced out, alone and injured, into a great big world? A world, that even at my size, is too vast for me to comprehend? Or am I just the creature who will uproot their lives and let the world end in fire? But if that’s so, they have one thing I do not. They at least have the privilege, the honor, of burning together. I, on the other hand, will be forever alone. I will burn, sad and unaccompanied, in my own, potent and powerful, embodied flame.

Through the years, I have heard stories of the magnificent one. The one whose horde was so extravagant and grande that it brought the short, gruff creatures across hundreds of miles, across desperation and hope, back to their once grand and expansive land they proudly called home. But even things magnificent can certainly be destroyed. Through hope comes the ever changing, ever growing, desire to regain some semblance of peace, some notion of having a new opportunity to live. And how do I want to live? Do I want to be known as the vile, vast winged creature who scours the skies looking for it’s next opportunity to displace? And all for the sake of sitting atop a grand waterfall of gold, as if I were king? As if I were worthy of such a throne? As if I were like any other jealous, blood thirsty, mongrel who fought tooth and nail to rule? I am not so sure. Could I ever embody the lives of those before me? And what of those after me? Can I change the perception, the prejudice, by one simple act of…inaction? Could I change the world? I may never know.

I am, after all, but a simple dragon.


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