I Have Confidence in Me

Are you good at what you do? What would you like to be better at?

Since I’m supposed to show confidence in myself, I won’t be using any of those things like: “I’d like to say I’m good at…” or “I’m pretty decent at…” That being said, I’m proud to say I’m a writer and I am going to say that I’m good at it. I’ve always felt more like myself when I write. I find that I can express myself easier than I can when I’m talking to people, although I’m a pretty vocal person. I speak my mind but I find myself being better at writing it. How’s that for confidence?

Something I would like to be better at, however, is drawing. My older brother is an amazing artist and I have always wanted to have the level of talent he has. However, when I do draw things or make art, I always find myself just writing out quotes in a really fancy way. So I guess that tells me that I’m meant for writing instead.


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9 thoughts on “I Have Confidence in Me

  1. Without a doubt,you are a very good writer.i think you should be confident.About being an artist it’s a rare gift,but I think you can excel in that too,seeing that it is already in your genes.

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