Characters that Haunt You

Who’s been following you around?

Pick one of the characters that inhabit your brain. Today is that character’s birthday! They’re going to emerge from your head to appear in a new scene on your page or screen.

100 years after the the battle, after a small hairy footed creature saved our world, the fate of men continues to be indeterminable. The King is long dead and the pointy-eared, immortal folk have moved on. The short gruff creatures have gone back to their home land.

And as for me? I have no homeland. I am constantly on the move and by doing so, I hear the stories. Stories of the greatness that these inhabitants have done for this land. How they managed, against all odds, to bring it back from the darkness that threatened to consume us. For that, they will forever be immortal. Me, on the other hand, will forever be purple; my skin scarred and rough. If I could change my color I would. But I doubt the magic men (or anyone for that matter) would be willing to assist someone like me. It’s not my fault that my ancestors did nothing but harass, steal and destroy them. That blame shouldn’t fall to me. But it does, just like all bad things do.

My body covers more ground then I would like. I am huge, in fact. Bigger than all the other folks that inhabit this land. I’m larger than the creatures who come down from the mountains and fear the sun light, larger than those ghastly abominations I’ve heard nasty bed time stories about. You would think that my size would grant me power, but it doesn’t. It only renders fear. How did they do it? How did creatures so small achieve things so great? But how can I ever appear to be great? Yes, I am large but what does that matter if I do nothing with my life? I will be nothing like the great King that once ruled these lands. I am nothing without a reason to live.

I want to be different than my ancestors, different than those who raised me, even. I want to have desires other than greed and the need to destroy. But I fear that I will not be able to fight my own nature. How does one even begin to do so? I can already feel it rushing through my blood and veins, reaching my heart and causing it to beat slowly out of time.

This innate, thirsting, unbreakable desire to covet…gold


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50 thoughts on “Characters that Haunt You

  1. Wow,I didn’t read the title before I started reading.In a way I am glad I didn’t. Had I done that I’d always have the urge to see if it fits the title. This way I enjoyed reading it. I read the title after,and am quite happy with your story.
    Thank you.

  2. A creative piece, I must say!
    We’ve got to make a difference, because we’ve just got to do so, and we can.
    Impressive story. I could imagine the large purple character that you described.
    Lovely post indeed!
    Welldone! 🙂

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  9. Truly engaging! The title was what really grabbed my attention though because I thought you were going to talk about characters in stories that stood out above the rest, but I absolutely love how you transitioned from a fantasy world to the real world. Above all, the descriptions were amazing, and I honestly think you should expand on the story because I would love to hear more 🙂

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