Daily Prompt: Love to Love You

What do you love most about yourself? What do you love most about your favorite person? Are the two connected?

It’s hard for me to talk about what I love most about myself. I don’t usually praise myself for many things. However, we should all love ourselves in ways that we can only understand on an individual level. So when asked what I love about myself, I have to say laughter. I love to laugh and I love that I have the ability to appreciate just how powerful laughter can be.

Laughter makes the world a happier place and when I laugh, I ultimately feel much better. If I’m in a bad mood about something, I usually will watch something funny in order to change the current state of emotion that I am in. This is also what I love most about my favorite people. I always know that when we get together, there will be plenty of laughter to go around and that, to me, means plenty of love to go around.

I also believe that the person you love most in the world should be someone you can laugh with. Without being able to laugh together, then there is no easy way to ease tension or anger. Yes, love takes work but laughter doesn’t.

Laughter leads to love and love leads to laughter.


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12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Love to Love You

  1. What I love most about myself is my willingness to assist others within my God givencapacity. I love to share others problem to see the area I can assist. I love when my favourite is there for me without disappointment. We should be able to flow together in our rapproachment. The two are quite connected and very complimentary too

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