Traces: DP Challenge

The Daily Post‘s Weekly Writing Challenge for this week is Traces.

“As individuals and as communities, we have an impact on the world around us, whether we leave our mark by scratching our names in wet cement, or pay homage to those who have come before through small tokens of affection. These symbolic objects and actions leave behind a lasting message”

So for this challenge, I decided to use their prompt of choosing 3 objects that represent me and why. Here goes!

1. A Book


I’ve always been drawn to stories and the imaginations of others and I always can find a home within a book. Whether I find a connection to the characters, what they’ve been through or haven’t been through or if the location simply takes place somewhere close to home, I am always drawn to their lives in someway. And although these characters are fictional (since fiction is what I mostly read), I know that their emotions and their situations do not always fall under the same umbrella. Books represent me because they have helped me to discover what I really want with my life. They have helped my imagination to grow and become more understanding of other people’s lives and the hardships they go through, as well as the happiness they can find. Those pages between my fingers show me all the possibilities that are out there waiting for me. I just have to be brave enough to take them.

2. A pen


As I’ve grown up, I’ve come to the realization that not only do I want to read a good story but I also want to create one of my own. There are countless times when ideas pop into my head and I will scramble around to find something to write with so I don’t forget what I’m thinking about. These ideas have come from dreams, from people, from songs and from books. Writing out these little ideas (even if they do not make sense or are even have a context) give me the push and the hope I need to make my imagination that much bigger and brighter. Without the ability to write down these ideas for myself, I would not have come to realize that I want to change the world through the written word. Even know, writing this (although it is technically typed) it makes me feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

3. A blank sheet of paper


Along with number 2, I have always found a blank page to be beautiful. Just the idea of filling it up with hopes, dreams and sometimes even fears can make the world seem a little less daunting. It can also make you feel like you are not alone. A lot of the things I will randomly write in a blank notebook or page are song lyrics. Those are the words that are constantly flowing through my brain on a daily basis and I always find a song that makes me want to soak up the meaning as much as possible. Whether I’m listening to that song on repeat or writing out the lyrics, I find that the once blank page has now become a completely different entity. It was once open and clean and waiting. Now it is covered in ink and is enjoying. Enjoying what it is meant to be.

These three things merge together to create art, meaning, life and most of all, these things create me. I don’t know what I would be doing if I hadn’t discovered my love for words. But I’m sure as hell glad I did.


8 thoughts on “Traces: DP Challenge

  1. I love your three objects. I would have similar ones. I also loved reading how you use each object. I love just doodling with pens and I love that you just draw all over blank pages.

      1. I agree. The only time I hate the blank page is when it’s blank and I’m blank. Wah. Then I just draw hearts and flowers until something comes along 🙂

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