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We Need to Talk About Jake: Glee 5×04

Let’s just get this out there. I don’t really care all that much about Marley and/or Jake and/or their story lines. I do, however, care about how their relationship is portrayed on the show. I’ve heard the saying that the best way to get to a man’s heart is through his stomach but I’ve also heard that the best way to get to a man’s heart is through his penis.

Now, I, of course, do not agree with this. Despite the fact that I have neither gotten to a man’s heart through his stomach or his penis or any other appendage or any part of a man, to be honest. But I won’t let my lack of relationship experience prevent me from having a say in whether or not a girl should be punished for not wanting or desiring to have sex with her boyfriend.

Who I mean in this case is, of course, Marley. Marley and Jake have had an…interesting relationship, to say the least, on this show so far. Marley liked him when he was dating/seeing Kitty, she had that whole love triangle that also involved Rider and then there was the whole thing where she had a really hard time expressing her feelings for Jake in words (even after she sang a song that basically repeated those three little words over and over again, just in different ways). Now, with all of that said, Marley has struggled with a lot of things during her time on the show and sex is no exception.

So this leads me into the real point of this post. Jake Puckerman. First off, I just have the say that Jacob Artist has the voice of an angel and should be given his own set of wings to glide around on this earth with the rest of us mere mortals. Now, that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I am no longer a fan of Jake. The whole bad boy thing that was going on with him in the beginning of season 4 was tired and weary and too much like our beloved Puck, regardless of the fact that they are brothers from another mother. So I was really glad when he got over that whole desire to be Puck Jr. and just be Jake. However, Just Jake was a known ladies man and got plenty of attention (and play) from the girls at school and that includes those infamous Cheerios. Now, he obviously didn’t have to try too hard to get any action when he was with any of those girls but he did when he was finally with a girl he actually cared about.

But it seems, that according to this episode, even if you love someone the relationship does not, and cannot, continue to work unless you are having sex or at least exploring the options. This, here, is what really gets my goat. I had a friend in high school whose boyfriend broke up with her because she wouldn’t have sex with him and I still, to this day, despise him for that. So watching this episode brought back all those feelings of wanting to protect Marley when she was yelling at him about it and wanting to strangle Jake when he immediately went off to have some “private” time with Bree. (Now, I’m not going to, in any way, talk about Bree’s behavior in this episode because I am not one for perpetuating slut shaming or doing anything that would construe the idea that women are not allowed to be sexual. Be free! Be sexual! Own that body! Whip those boobs out! If she wants to go after someone else’s man, that’s her business. Not mine). I am, however, condemning Jake’s behavior. I do not think it is okay for Jake to be mad at Marley for not being ready or wanting to sleep with him. If he were the right person for her it would not even matter to him and he would take the time to talk to her about what she’s feeling instead of seeking out the first girl with a tight pony tail and Cheerios uniform who puts out.

This behavior, as a woman, makes me weary of the sex obsessed world we live in that tells us sex is no big deal and we should be as sexual as we want, while at the same time, tells us we should keep our “flowers” until marriage when we are in a “committed” relationship with someone who truly “loves” us.

That being said, the whole who is more Gaga and who is more Katy assignment was an interesting one. Considering the fact that Jake considered himself to be a Gaga and Marley considered herself to be more Katy. So does this mean that if Marley were to have gotten out of her comfortable, girl next door, Katy Perry…zone (as Shuester wanted her to) and would have slept with Jake, would that make her, really, more like Gaga? And does this also mean that if Jake were okay with not sleeping with Marley that he really is more like Katy and does the fact that he went straight to Bree after his little sexual mishap makes him more like Gaga? Either way, these two pop artists are portrayed in ways that I do not see as all that positive. Katy and Gaga are both all for people being true to who they are and owning their differences and yet that doesn’t seem to be what was portrayed in this episode.

I guess I just don’t see that big of a difference between Katy or Gaga.

So after all of that talk, here’s a little gem of Chord Overstreet to make us all feel…something.

Chord Lady Gaga


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