Story of My Life: 1D Love

As many of you fellow Directioners know the music video for One Direction’s Story of My Life Came out yesterday and of course it exploded all over the fandom.

As a loyal fan of 1D, I will always support the boys in everything they do and this is no exception. I found this music video to be the most touching visual display of emotions that I’ve seen in a long time. I watch a lot of music videos and for the most part, a music video is just a music video. Either you like it or you don’t.

But this video I love so much, which is probably why I watched it about 20 times on replay after I found out that it came out. I also did so, because like the other loyal 1D fans, we wanted to get them a new VEVO record. (An aside, I hate VEVO with a fiery passion. Like a blood thirsty and possibly glittery vampire, it really just sucks the life out of everything and makes you hate it for all of eternity. I go to YouTube to watch YouTube videos, not watch them on VEVO) That being said, this video is way more than just the boys singing on a beach or on a pretend movie set or on some island (where the hell were they in the Gotta Be You video? I cannot figure it out).

This videos gives all of us Directioners fanboners by being able to see adorable pictures of the boys when they were young, as well as, their family members who continue to be a huge support to them as the years of fame go on. It was just beyond beautiful and was shot in such a lovely fashion that could have brought tears to my eyes if I hadn’t already been desensitized by the things in our society. All in all, it is 1D in all their glory.

Bravo boys!

Although I am broken, my heart is untamed still…


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