Moved by Music: DPChallenge

The Daily Post’s newest Weekly Writing Challenge is Moved by Music and it’s one challenge that cannot go unaccepted.

Music is one of those things that will never cease to amaze and move me. As a writer, I find a true connection to lyrics in certain songs and find myself thinking about my own life experiences and wondering what things would be like if there were different. It also makes me think about the fact that singers and song writers are just like us. They experience something that has changed or moved them in some way and the best way they know how to express it is to write about it.

This totally resonates with me. The best way I know how to get my jumbled thoughts out is to write about it and music helps me to do so. Some of my favorite quotes are song lyrics.

However, there was one song in particular that encouraged me to not write about myself but instead to write a fictitious story that has little bits and parts of me in it and it imagines a future that I want for myself.

Of Monsters and Men & their song “Little Talks” did that for me.

I wrote a short story earlier this year based off of the lyrics to their beautiful song and although it’s not my best work, it’s my first story that came to me by just hearing a song. And every time I listen to that song, I think of that story and it reminds me that I can find inspiration from anything and that gives me hope for my future writing.

Here is a snippet of it:

The only strange thing about him was probably the fact that he was actually concerned about another complete stranger sitting on a park bench, alone, looking like they were embarking on a psychotic break. I applaud his courage, I really do.

“Really, I’m just…going through something.”

“It can’t be a good something.” The stranger sits down on the bench next to me. It seems like he wants to me actually talk to him. Yup, he keeps getting stranger and stranger.

There’s an old voice inside my head that’s holding me ba—

I pull my head phones out, the song cutting out mid word, and look at the boy.

“I…you really want to know?”


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