An Open Letter to Rory Gilmore and Jess Mariano

One of the greatest shows of our generation is the wonderfully witty and heartwarming Gilmore Girls. Seriously, that show was so perfectly written that I will never get over that fact. So it’s only right to talk about one of the greatest things to come out of that show. Rory and Jess, of course.

They are my favorite couple on that show (well, besides the perfection that is Lorelei and Luke whose non-existent wedding haunts our every waking dream). This, however, doesn’t mean that I didn’t love our lovely giant, Dean Forester (whose last name I had to remind myself was not Winchester, and whose first name is not Sam). Okay, I really only loved him in seasons 1 and 2 and then I couldn’t stand that lumberjack beard and the fact that Rory had an affair with said married Lumberjack. And I absolutely won’t even waste my breathe on “Dick of the Year” Logan Huntzberger. In case you’re wondering, I basically hated college Rory. I could rant about how much I couldn’t stand all the stupid shit she did but that’s for another time. I, however, will say that I will always love Lorelei no matter the season because she is basically heaven on earth.

So basically, I only approve of one of Rory’s boyfriends from beginning to end. Despite all of his faults and the countless times where he let her down and took off to deal with his own personal shit (without even taking into account that Rory could have been an asset to him in his time of need), Jess Mariano is and will always be the perfect guy for Rory. (Don’t take into account the fact that if they ended up together as well as Lorelei and Luke, then they would all be super related in a really really weird way that I don’t even want to think about (I mean there would be the fact that, if Rory and Jess got married as well as Lorelei and Luke (if only), then Rory’s husband’s uncle would also be her step-father and Lorelei’s nephew would also be her son-in-law)) (My brain hurts).

So Jess Mariano in a nut shell is a reader, a sassy pants, sarcastic and totally equipped to handle and understand and add to Rory’s abstract movie and character references that keep these Gilmore girls alive through every trying time. Although, he didn’t get along with her mother, he at least tried. His attitude just wouldn’t let him to continue to do so and that’s what time and time again prevented Lorelei from thinking him to be good enough for her only daughter. He constantly fought with Luke (in a way that always kept us viewers entertained and smiling) and despite how much he wanted to resent Luke for placing all of these restrictions on him, he willingly came back to live with him because he knew that this place, this tiny little town that he originally despised, was the right place for him to be. It was the place that would make him into a good person and it was also the place that led him to the girl he would love for the rest of his days and give him the encouragement he needed to make something of his life.

So here’s to the perfection that is Jess Mariano and of course his love for his Gilmore girl.


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