Writer of the Week: J.K. Rowling

Now even though Harry Potter is my life and the world we be so much better if it were the Wizarding World, I’m not here to talk about magic. I’m here to talk about life and the trials and tribulations…blah blah blah…that comes along with living.

So I’ve finally gotten around to reading Rowling’s first novel written after Harry Potter, The Casual Vacancy, and I honestly don’t know what to say about it. What’s more, is I haven’t finished yet and I’m not even half way through but let’s just say that the book is a bit much. The writing it wonderful, or course, because Rowling is a phenomenal writer and knows how to write the hell out of story. However, this novel has a little too much of everything you can possibly imagine jam packed into one book. There are a ton of characters (multiple husbands, wives, children) and I always get confused as to who belongs to who. There is also pretty much every social issue being dealt with in one book (physical abuse, violence, death, drug/alcohol abuse, bullying, self-harm, rape, pedophilia, molestation, child abuse), basically anything you can think of. These issues obviously need to be dealt with but it’s hard to see every single one of these things talk about in just one single town in one single book. Also the book is quite long and I think it could have been shortened by at least 200 pages.

But then again, I haven’t finished it so I might change my opinion of it later. I hope so. I don’t dislike the book, by any means, but It’s still a bit of a struggle. Honestly.


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