Weekly Rant: Harry Potter Theme Wedding

My friend showed me this post on Tumblr and immediately denoted that this would be my wedding theme and I wholeheartedly agree. Actually seeing all of this just about makes me want to cry. Harry Potter is seriously my life. I would do anything and everything to keep it alive in my heart for another moment. And this would be the perfect way to keep the Wizarding World alive forever. 😀

So here is the wonderous Harry Potter theme wedding that I will totally be taking ideas from. I just need to find myself a man who is as big of a Potterhead as I am.


I mean, seriously. If I guy proposed to me with a Golden Snitch I would die. I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t accept.


These invites are just darling. If I was invited to Platform 9 3/4, I could not pass up the opportunity. Especially if these invites were to my own wedding. I’m dying just thinking about this.


I have always adored Fleur’s wedding dress. It is beyond gorgeous. Now I’m not a traditional girl. I refuse to wear dresses and hate getting dressed up. Usually. And the thought of wearing a wedding dress is slightly daunting to me. However, having black (or purple) accents in my dress is very very appealing. I love the feather design. It’s so unique and like I said before, gorgeous.


Okay, seriously. This is the most ingeniously magical idea ever. Not only is the Sorting Hat acting as a center piece but every guest gets a God damn wand to take home in celebration of the nuptials. Oh my Wizard God. Could this get any better?


Candles hanging from the ceiling wouldn’t be that difficult to pull off. And it would look absolutely darling. They wouldn’t be lit though. That would be dangerous. Just need them there for effect.


Now, see this is too cute. I’m not entirely sure what they have done with the names on here but I would totally do this for the names of my wedding party and have it in the little thingy (can’t think of words at the moment) that you give all the guests when they arrive. I would let them choose their own houses, of course.


I adore this idea so so so so much. Keys with the names of all the guests that tells them which table (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw) they sit at. And of course they would be able to take this home with them as well as the wands.


Now this is absolutely to die for. I would need a pretty big hall reserved to accomplish this magical feat but it would be totally worth it. Having all four of the house tables. My wizard God. This is perfect.

I am seriously getting super emotional thinking about all of these possibilities. I can’t stand it.

One thought on “Weekly Rant: Harry Potter Theme Wedding

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