Weekly Rant: Doctor Who Favorites

As you can tell from the post title, I’m going to be listing off all of my favorites from Doctor Who. Now this could end up being quite controversial between the Whovians because we all have own our opinions and therefore our own favorites.  But everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I willfully welcome any agreement and/or objections. 😀

Favorite Episode:

Series 3, Episode 10: Blink


I simply adore this episode beyond anything. I find it so interesting that not only was this episode told from someone other than the Doctor’s point of view but that it also introduced a very unique alien species. One of my favorite things about Doctor Who is that there are so many awesome British actors who appear in this show (well, of course there are, I mean it’s a British show but my little American self always gets excited when I see a British face I know) and I love when seemingly random characters on the show get to have at least a few glorious moments with the Doctor. I mean, seriously, even if I had to fight off a crazy alien race by not blinking (which I would find incredibly hard to do) just to talk to the Doctor for 5 minutes, I would do it in a heart beat.

Favorite Alien Species:

The Weeping Angels


The Weeping Angels. I seriously find these aliens to be creepy as shit (Pardon my french) but also the most intriguing to me. The fact that they can’t bare to be seen is so interesting. I mean, that’s what turned them into stone in the first place. They were seen. This really makes me think about what it means when people “see” us. I mean, are they really seeing us at all? But with the Angels it’s obvious when we “see” them. They freeze. But only as long as you continuously look at them. Hence the phrase “Don’t Blink”. I also find it incredibly interesting that the way they kill is to send you back in time. Technically, they do send you to your death but they also send you to live your life out until your death; it just happens to be in a different time. Interesting…

Favorite Recurring Character:

River Song


Now this one was a little bit hard to choose. I love all of the Doctor’s friends. They’re each so incredibly awesome. To list of few:  Captain Jack Harkness & Strax, Madame Vastra and Jenny. However, River Song is my absolute favorite. There are so many wonderful things to about her that I can’t even stand it. She is simply perfect.

Favorite Companion:

Rose Tyler


She was my first companion and shall forever remain my favorite. Her optimism, her thirst for adventure and her adorable smile is what I love so much about her. I just find her to be awesome.

Favorite Doctor:



Now I truly loved 9 and 10 but there is just something about 11. I simply adore Eleven. Those suspenders and that bow tie. I love him. That is all. I will truly miss Matt Smith.

The Doctor is a lot of things to many people, including a Mad Man with a Box; a Box that’s bigger on the inside.


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  1. That’s the great thing about the “Whoniverse” there is a Doctor for everyone.

    1. kmhands91 says:

      I think so too! 😀

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