Weekly SHIP- Doctor Who Style

So I’ve been feeling in a mood lately. A Doctor Who mood to be exact and I can only tolerate so many days without the presence of the Doctor. November 23rd couldn’t come soon enough. So in order to help my Doctorless void, I shall instead fill it with the adorableness of Doctor Who couplings and show you my glorious SHIPS.

SHIP 1: Rose Tyler and the 10th Doctor

ImageI find these two to be utterly and completely perfect for each other in every way possible. If I didn’t already have an OTP, these two would be it. They are definitely a close 2nd. I was so sad when they had to part ways and I thought the Doctor would never be the same again. I mean, I sure wasn’t. It was definitely harder to let go of my first companion then my first Doctor. Rose was just so amazing. I miss her so much and she was 10’s other half (“My mirror staring back at me”) and I miss them every day.

Okay, this is making me even more sad then I already was. This is not what I had in mind when I did this… Okay, but time to press on.

SHIP 2: River Song and the 11th Doctor


I adore these two so much. Even with the other companions (Martha, Donna, Rory & Amy) there to mend our shattered hearts after Rose left, in my mind none of them will compare to River Song. Albeit, she wasn’t ever actually the Doctor’s companion. She was so much more than that. And she gave us so much that it hurts. Every time I heard “Ello Sweety” I knew I was in for a treat. My favorite episodes always included her and she was always a part of my favorite episodes. Her “No Spoilers” lifestyle just added to the perfection that is Doctor Who and her relationship with 11 always had me giggling like a school girl. They are per-fect. I mean once you find the girl who can drive the TARDIS, you don’t let her go. (*Spoilers*). 😉

Well that is all for my Weekly SHIP. Now I shall go and find my dear TARDIS and see the universe. Care to join me?


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