Writer of the Week: M.K. Asante

So since technically it’s Sunday, it’s a new week and of course time to mention another writer.

As of this moment, I’m reading the memoir, Buck, by M.K. Asante. I first came across Asante last year when he came to speak at the annual retreat that my college scholarship program, PEOPLE, puts on every year. He came to speak to us about his life, his struggles, his childhood, growing up in the ghetto, his changes he made and his new lease on life. Not only is Asante a best selling author, he is also an award-winning film maker and a professor. His memoir, which came out last month, is about his life growing up in Philadelphia and how he has overcome his surroundings and found success and happiness doing what he loves.

This memoir shows that where you come from does not have to determine where you go. It shows that even if you grow up in the ghetto you do not have to end up only one of two ways: in jail or six feet under. You can make your own choices and overcome what you see as a personal obstacle. You can change your circumstances if you choose to. It’s all about choice and we all have our own choices to make in order to live the life that we want.



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