Writer of the Week: John Green

So since I finished The Maze Runner Trilogy a few days ago (which I loved by the way. It ended in a very spectacularly intriguing and surprising way), it’s now time to mention another author: John Green.


So I’m now on to reading my 2nd John Green novel, Looking for Alaska (The Fault in our Stars was the first and utterly fabulous) and I just have to say that John Green is one hell of a writer. He keeps you laughing, crying, in touch with yourself and your feelings and makes you empathize with completely made up people who you secretly wish you knew and could spend every waking moment with. And Looking for Alaska is no exception. I’m about half way through and I absolutely adore the life at Culver Creek. It reminds me of college and all of the crazy shenanigans I never had the guts to actually go through with or even possibly think of.

I hope one day to be as good a writer as John Green, but until then I’ll just continue to read his novels and maybe one day, just one day I will find my own Great Perhaps. I’m also, just because I’m a nice person, am going to plug his youtube channel, Vlogbrothers, because him and his brother, Hank, make awesome videos and watching them are a great way to spend your time.


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