Wise Words Wednesday

Lead us from the unreal to the real. Lead us from darkness to light. Lead us from death to immortality – Sanskrit Mantras

I read this quote in a book once. It really made me think. Made me think about all the things that I haven’t thought about. It made me think about how it is equally important to live in the real world but at the same time imagining all kinds of possibilities. Imagine anything and everything you want and then make it real. It made me think about the fact that there is darkness and light inside of all of us. We just have to learn to not be drowned out by the darkness and instead be seen by the light. It made me think about how death is a part of life but even when someone leaves this earth they are still here in our hearts and they will therefore always be immortal. Our love for the dead will never allow them to truly die.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dhriti says:

    this mantra was our daily prayer in school 🙂

    1. kmhands91 says:

      Awesome! Glad to hear that!

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